Professional Attitude



The days are gone of my throwing any old Imation CD-R into my HP burner. I bought a new Lite-On Model # with some 7’s and 3’s and 2’s and an S in the number I can’t remember which. In any event my Imations won’t burn even after upping the firmware to the latest that Lite-On has to offer but it will burn the Lite-On CD-R delivered with my new drive. It is a Rikoh (spelling) and this leads me to believe that not only have I upgraded my burner but also my outlook. I can no longer go to Radio Shack and pick up a 100 stack of CD-R’s but I must now cruise the internet for a “more professional” disk for my “more professional burner”. So I will order the Rikoh CD-R’s, which by the way cost as much as the Imations. But they burn baby and that’s the point.


FYI, I think all Imations are CMC. Good luck with your new drive.