Products regarding CD sectors


I’ve done some more research regarding DPM (Data Position Measurement),
Twin, damaged, bad, and weak sector amplifications.

I want to know which cd writing software products would perform any or all of the following tasks?

Thanks in advance.


Are you only talking about CDs only or also DVDs.
Do you like to use physical backups or is it acceptable for you to use disc images in virtual drives ?

No. What I am really asking: “Is there is any copy protection software that would perform the following?”

  • Cd Image blocking
  • Multiple sector amplification besides twin sectors version that is with Tages
  • Manual AWS (Apply Weak sectors) and ATS (Apply Twin Sectors) or ABS (Apply Bad sectors) amplification.

If so, then can you tell me which copy protection software (if you could provide me a list along with the links.)?


I have done some more surfing, and I may need to tell you that there is a C++ header library
called, cdio.h. - a header file that includes the LBA command.

If you’re asking for some app that does all that for you i highly doubt there isn’t something like that.
There are custom tools to simulate twin sectors or non standard sector density - but only for CDs, and they’re not primarily meant to create own protections.
When it comes to DVDs all the characteristics you’re asking for (except bad sectors) afaik can only be implemented in a pressing facility anyway.

P.S.: as i’ve never tested it myself i can’t tell whether SecurDisc may help you in any way

I’ve guessed you’re right on that part. I’ll do some more web surfing.