Production plant of LG and Hitachi joint venture burned down *Updated*

I just posted the article Production plant of LG and Hitachi joint venture burned down Updated.

 Two sources independently tell us that a huge fire has burned 

down the largest production facility of HLDS, the joint venture of the Japanese
Hitachi and South Korean LG. The…

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Terrorists for hire (by Sony) burnt the plant down so they would have a monopoly on next gen optical media!

this is very sad to hear. It means that the prices will rise and availability will drop for HLDS drives…

Considering that about 90% of the CD-RW and DVD-ROM drives Dell ships with their machines are HLDS drives, this may put a major crimp in their prices.

so much for putting all your eggs in one basket. seriosuly that place produced what 85% of all it’s product? Sorry to sound mean but that was just plain stupid you need a backup plan cause “Stuff” does happen.

News update: The recent fire at the HLDS China factory did not cause as much damage as was reported. According to LGETT, although the fire destroyed materials and components for making DVD players and recorders, the assembly lines were not affected. The production lines for PC-use ODDs are located in a building that was not involved in the fire, LGETT pointed out.