Production of 4X DVD media has ceased?

I recieved an email last week from Bigpockets and one today from Rambox informing me that the production of 4X blank DVD media will cease alltogether soon and that Ritek have ceased production of G04 discs already . They have about 1 - 2 weeks stock left of 4X media they say and are selling it off at reduced prices. This can only be good news , I suppose , that manufacturers are concentrating on better quality media . And after all not many people use 4X speed media any more , with 8X media only £25 per 100. Lets hope it speeds up the availability of 16X and DL media at decent prices.

Anybody else heard anymore about this ?.

wouldn’t suprise me if they did. 8x media is very common now. hopefully 12x and 16x is soon to be common.

hmmm might have to stock up on some G04’s then hehe

Yup, 4x media production is being ceased by a number of manufacuturers right now. I know that just cleared out their stock of 4x TY discs and made a note that they wouldn’t be making those discs anymore.

hmm, i’m gonna have to stock up on my ridata jpnr01s

what? i have a 4x dvd burner, will 8x media still work ok for me? i love my dvd burner, it may be slow but it is very good with verbitrim 4x dvd-r (NEVER had a failed burn) :smiley:

Given that many drives derate some 8x media to 4x anyway, and that most drives capable of 8x do a 4x/6x/8x Zone-CLV stepup, the most that might be needed for 4x drives is a firmware that will recognise the media, or at least apply a sutable generic strategy to unknown media.

It MAY be a shocker for people with 2x drives, as were fitted even now to some laptops - a friend has one - it’s got a Panasonic “Super drive” with a not very super 2x on -R, 1x on -RW, 2x on DVD-RAM - and no support for plus format.

If there are suggestions for currently available media that will work well with it, perhaps they’d better lay in a reasonable stock of it (UK availability)

It will certainly be a shocker for me. I bought a 4x drive only 2 weeks ago (in fact it is a brand new product to the market - the Freecom FS-50 portable slimline drive).

This drive is based on the Toshiba SD-R6372 which I understand does not recognise 8X media.

So what do I do now? Is my drive obsolete after only 2 weeks?

8x Media should burn happily at 4x, so all those with 4x burners won’t be at a loss thankfully.

I just got a 16x DVD Burner and although i’m using 4x at the moment i’ll be glad when I move to 8x and faster media :slight_smile:

Not that fast, I think. Al lot of Asean contry still using DVD +/-R 4x burner… However, as far as I know a lot of Taiwan manufacturer already venture into DVD +/- R

Is it just me, or does G05 dye work at 12x perfectly on 108 drives ? I burn most discs at 12x and it gets done in 5 mins a disc.

No its not just you. GO5`s work nicely at 12X on a 108 indeed. For £25 a 100 an absolute bargain.

Some older burners require firmware updates before burning newer media. I know that the now aging Ricoh 2.4x +R drives for example have to be flashed before burning the newest media or you could kill the drive. Other drive manufacturers may or may not have similar issues but it doesn’t hurt to check.