Product reviews, repair guides, firmware updates and other former thread sticky's



Due to the large number of thread sticky’s building up over time and as a result of merging forums, many have been unstuck and linked in this post:

General Topics

[li]What would you like in a new DVD recorder[/li][li]Initialize-Format-Prepare[/li][li]Forum Tips for newbies and oldbies by Da_Taxman[/li][/ul]

Product Reviews

[li]CDFreaks presents: Conceptronic Media Giant Pro review[/li][li]CD Freaks presents: The Philips DVDR3480 Review[/li][li]Sneak Peak: LG RC797T Super Multi DVD/VHS Recoder[/li][/ul]


[li]Your opinion of Panasonic DVD Recorders[/li][li]Panasonic Recorder Firmware Updates[/li][li]Panasonic Model Feature List[/li][li]Hints and Tips[/li][li]Panasonic Recorder/Player News[/li][li]List of Compatible Media[/li][/ul]


[li]List your Philips DVDR issues here[/li][li]Info: UK repair procedure for Philips DVD recorders[/li][li]Info: Philips DVD recorder firmware: upgrades, downgrades…[/li][li]Info: How to open tray of Philips DVDR when ‘BLOCKED’ displayed…[/li][li]Info: Splitting the ‘Philips issues’ thread…[/li][/ul]


[li]Replacement Drives for Liteon 5xxx Recorders[/li][li]LiteOn Recorder System Update/Firmware Files[/li][li]LVW-XXXX Hints and Tips[/li][li]Liteon Recoder News and Reviews[/li][/ul]