Product recommendation



Hey guys, I’m new here but am searching for a decent product that creating menus. Have all of the tools I need for authoring/rendering. But having a decent way to create good menus is still a problem. Using Roxio DVDexpress and VIsta’s DVDmaker They all have limitations. Have an old copy of Pinnacle Studio but haven’t installed it to play with it. I really just need a product that does all of the following: - use my own video menu backgrounds - use my own menu soundtracks - allow for multiple items on the main menu (6 to 10 or so) - allow for adjusting length of video and sound backgrounds for menu - ability to line up menu items (grid mechanism of some sort) - it would be nice to have a built-in slideshow feature that you can use in addition to video content Of course, even more features would be great. And free/cheap is even better!