Product purchase

I am unable to purchase DVD Region+CSS on the website. I have been using the free trial but would like to purchase. The website says to check back later and you can use the free trial for 90 days. Thanks.

Payor system does not work on that site. Fengtao had to move Platinum and Gold to a different web address. DVD Region+CSS has not been updated so fengtao added 60 days to trial.


Thank you for the reply. I guess I’m still confused, can the product be purchased from the “different web address”? I am new to the site and am not sure what the Platinum or Gold product/versions are.

You will be able to purchase when fengtao updates that product. Platinum and Gold are 1 does all type of programs. I am not sure if fengtao will be able to restore this product on that site or move. Someone was giving him problems with removing CSS. Keep visiting this site for update anouncements.


In the meantime is there another program you could suggest for backing up my DVD movies? Thanks again.

Just use the 60 day free trial and you will get what you want. I recommend DVD Fab Platnium, it will be all you ever need.:clap: