Product Purchase & Registration



I have downloaded and installed Fab 5 and have decided to purchase. Great product!
Please help me understand whats next. Will I get a registration key for version 4
and then have to reapply for a version 5 key? Sorry for the possibly stupid question.




At the top of this forum you will see a post from Fengato about DVDFAB 5 and just follow his instructions, No you won’t get a key for DVDFAB 4 if you follow his instructions


Just make sure that you use the drop down box and select DVDFAB 5 and you will get your key by email and there are two ways to reg it, one is by copy and paste the number they give you or else just click on the attachment that comes with the email, word of advice copy the attachment to a floppy or somewhere in your computer for safe keeping


Thanks Jimbo

When I click on the purchase page from the welcome screen I do not see a dropdown box. What am I doing wrong?


dang not showing me the latest post


ok have to do it this way


wrong inst


Wait, you should get the key in an email after you buy it, sorry was all messed up here on my thinking


I think I understand it now. I was a little confused because the download at DVD still shows version I assumed that would be the version I was purchasing. So here’s hoping that when I click on purchase from the Welcome to DVD 5.0 screen I will get a version 5 key.

Thanks again Jimbo


The new Dvd Fab 5 is not on the official web site because there is no final prodution version yet. Still in beta testing. The last production version is You can purchase the 4 version and get free key for version 5. Good for all future updates. :bigsmile::iagree:


Sorry I was messed up on my thinking, if you d/led ver 4 and get the key for that ver and activate it then at the top of this page you will see ver 5 beta d/l that one as it will install in a new folder then you will have to go back to the ver 5 download page and see the link for the key, make sure in the drop down box click on ver 5 not 3/4. Hope this makes sense to you as I am kinda tired been up since 3 this morning, good luck and BTW welcome to the Forum as you will meet a great bunch of guys here that will help you with any problem that you may have


Thanks Jimbo and rogman 49. Also thank you for the forum welcome.
I know I’ll learn alot from you guys.