Product keys not worked help



hi i new here and typical daft question purchased product keys for clone dvd and any dvd but wen i re started they both still tell me trial period is up and neither work i saved the keys to desk top any one help please???/


Did you completely uninstall the trials before installing the full versions, or did you just buy keys to make the trials into full working versions?


Dosen’t matter, as the trial is the very same program as the full version, only time limited, the keys should work, if not, go into the anydvd or clonedvd forum and ask there as Olli & the slysoft guys read these forums a lotor email slysoft and inform them.

Try right clicking the keys, go to properties to see if there is a button called “unblock” if so click it then OK and try again in registering again .

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A lot of people are having problems but I can’t seem to duplicate
In the latest versions of AnyDV / CloneDVD2 there is a registration tool So
1: Download key to same directory ie:AnyDV key > AnyDVD (Slysoft )
Clone key > CloneDVD ( Elaborate bytes )
If you’ve already downloaded keys simply drag & drop to the correct directories
2: Double click registration tool & in the info window you’ll see the key
3: Click on this key to bring it into the filename window
4: Now click on open
5: Box should appear telling you registration is complete & restart your machine
6: Do this now & everything should be OK