Product key

Hi Everyone,

Need some quick help. I purchased 6 copies of DVDFab Platinum for 6 different people so we good save $$$. How does the product key work?

I believe all 6 copies use the same product key, after that it’s done.
If you were to do a major upgrade to your computer or buy a new pc would you have to purchase a new product key? I would like to build a gaming/multimedia PC.

Any input would be greatly appreciated,

Thanks Craigw313:)

you should have received the each key as an attachment by email. put each key on each computer which will use DVDFab. install dvdfab from, then double click on the key. you are now registered. for more license info please read the license agreement.

Fengtao Software Inc. grants you a license to use [U]one copy[/U] of the version of this SOFTWARE on any [U]one system[/U] for as many [U]licenses as you purchase[/U].
“You” means the company, entity or individual whose funds are used to pay the license fee.
“Use” means storing, loading, installing, executing or displaying the SOFTWARE.
You may not modify the SOFTWARE or disable any licensing or control features of the SOFTWARE except as an intended part of the SOFTWARE’s programming features.
When you first obtain a copy of the SOFTWARE, you are granted an evaluation period of not more than 30 days, after which time you must pay for the SOFTWARE according to the terms and prices discussed in the SOFTWARE’s documentation, or you must remove the SOFTWARE from your system.
This license is [U]not transferable to any other system, or to another organization or individual[/U].
You are expected to use the SOFTWARE on your system and to thoroughly evaluate its usefulness and functionality before making a purchase.
This “try before you buy” approach is the ultimate guarantee that the SOFTWARE will perform to your satisfaction; therefore, you understand and agree that there is no refund policy for any purchase of the SOFTWARE.


[B]Thanks alot[/B] for the speedy response!