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I am a newbie, so please bare with me. I purchased anydvd on march 12, 2005 and have used it frequently with a great success rate. However this past Wednesday(May11,2005) my pc totally crashed and I lost everything. To make matters worse I didn’t backup my product key, but I do have the key on a printed out e-mail that was sent to me by Slysoft. Anyway, can someone please tell me how to get my AnyDVD re-registered.


@ seansr1,

Suggest you contact SlySoft at and under topic enter “Lost License Key” and fill out their support form.


  1. open notepad
  2. type the information from the e-mail
  3. save as: AnyDVD.reg
  4. goto the saved file and double click it, the typed information will then go into your registry.
  5. Now you are ready to use AnyDVD again

Open “notepad”, type the information into notepad, then save as. when you save as, name the file anydvd.reg, it will then be saved as a Reg file, then just double click the save file


thanks to both of you for responding, but I am still mot sure of exactly what to type in the ntepad. Here is my info that came in the e-mail.
I tried to type this in as an internet address and it came up as expired. Do I type in the whole thing or just a certain part of it and is there anything else that needs to be typed in?

Thanks again!!!


I’m not sure what you pasted for us to look at, I really hope it is not your key that they gave you…

if so, get it off of here, that is your key…

in notepad, you should start of with the part that is saying “REGEDIT4”


Well, I guess I screwed myself. I don’t know who or how to edit this post. I guess I will have to just eat it and buy another key. Thanks for your help!


When I enter the link you provided I get the following,

This is the wrong download link!
This is the wrong download link!

If you believe that this error message occurred due to a failure of our server, please contact us at

I would suggest contacting Slysoft to see if they can sort your problem out beore buying another key. I am sure so long as you can prove proof of purchase they would be willing to resend your product key to you.


Well, I contacted Slysoft and told them my situation and they gave me a new key in a very timely manor. I just wanted to say thanks for all your responses and advice.


@ seansr1,

Glad to hear that you were able to contact SlySoft and they resolved your problem.

I hope you have learned from this unfortunate experience and have made a copy of your Registration Key on a floppy disk and stored it in a safe place.

Best Regards,


If you lose your key you can get it by logging into element5 (same details as your order) and there is a part where you can get your key resent.