Producing a cd



I’m looking into the idea of producing a basic cd as a teaching tool in
schools. I’m taking about designing a 45 minute lesson for students. My
background is internet so I know html, flash etc. How are cds done nowadays.
Is it always done with macromedia director, can it be produced going through
a browser. Any info or web sites would be appreciated. Thanks




I’m not exacly sure what you mean, but
if you want to produce a CD for your
students, it is very well possible to use HTML and Flash. You could include an Internet browser and Flash plugin to make sure everyone can view the pages as you intended. If done in HTML and Flash, the course would easily fit on one normal CDROM. If you want to use Director, I can’t really help you with that, as I have no experience with Director.
But I know you can very well make such a CDROM with HTML and Flash. If you need more info, please be a little more specific in your questions.



Just let it open in fullscreen and nobody knows it is HTML.



I know what you mean but that would take some serious graphics work and time, plus flash 4 costs about £400. I don’t think it will be worth it…