Producer for Xbox 360 game says DVD presents storage issue

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Microsoft has been waiting for the dust to settle on the higher capacity Blu-ray squabble and has yet to make a decision on what format to use for it’s new Xbox 360. Meanwhile life goes…

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Well it’s just all too much information. I think DVD was a bad choice anyway because we are already filling it up like nothing - burning a hundred dvd’s is nothing. I wouldn’t be surprused if it was a restriction since even some PC games end up that size - and console games usually have less compression/less engine so it needs things in a more raw form = more data!

so what’s the problem? they sell games for 60$ and a dvd costs them 10 cents. they can do a 10 dvds game if they want (maybe game data is only 200mb and 40 gb of movies…)

Oh man, remember the Indy 500 game? That wonderful blue floppy? Good times…

To me it sounds like bad compression if you can’t fit a rpg game on 2 9gig disc’s. 18 gigs and you can’t put 1 game on it? Get a better coder.

better coder? You can’t compress mpeg-2 for High Def any more. And if you they’re using mpeg-4 or WMA even worse. I don’t want to scarfice quality/gameplay for compression. Microsoft just needs to make the descion to go with HD-DVD or Blue Ray. Of course Blue Ray is preferable;) Luis edit: removed commercial link
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The game system has specs, and when you design a game you know the specs. People will always want more space. And considering DVDs COST nothing to make this guy should SHUT the hell up. The box the game will come in will cost 10x more then the DVDs, they can save on the artwork on the DVD and cover the cost of the extra 2 DVDs. And all they have to do is say to Microsoft - can you guys help us out? We only have $0.03 to spend on the media and it’s going to cost us $0.09 now and we can’t make launch if we have to eat $0.06 on each copy of the game.

Mpeg 4 can have mpeg 2 quality at half the size no matter if it’s high def or not. Also I am not talking about video either I am talking about textures and audio. I played Dungeon siege 2 for pc and it’ has massivly large levels yet it only takes up 4 cd’s. I don’t think think if they made a world 10 times larger with huge massive textures. Also bad coding can cause size problems. Anyone remember the original sin game for pc that had 100mb save games? Also do you want 200-300 dollar price hike on the xbox just for one of these drives?
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well listen: when i bought games for Amiga they come up with theyr boxes, with a big manual, gadgets and sometimes a shirt! now for much more money they sell you a game in a dvdbox case with 2 pages of manual… don’t talk me about costs of adding 1 dvd!!

One DVD more (2DVDs) will probably not even be that much money than ONE Blue-Ray-Disc (that the PS3 uses)… and not even thinking of that MOST games won’t need that much size… you would have to pay for much more for the Blue-Ray-Drive… I think using DVDs only was a very good decision… especially if you think about that you don’t know which format (HD-DVD or Blue-Ray) will stay and which one will die…

Hahahaha that’s what console owners are getting - shitty games with lots of high-def content, way to go!

That is just pointless; the hardware on the XBOX 360 is plenty good enough for all the video in the game to be rendered real-time. Data takes up a lot less space than pre-rendered video. And no-one complains about Final Fantasy having too many disks…

I have to agree with Goldengamegod, I never complained about finalfantasy having to many disks, infact it gives me a feeling of accomplishment getting through all the original metal gear solid disks for PS and all the FF8 disks for PS.

if they stopped fillig the discs with streaming crap and stuck to just a game they might have a chance. Even if you take a look at PS1 games they are tiny, the CD was filled up with music and not game in most cases.

I agree with the above… Final Fantasy 7 was 3CD’s and Final Fantasy 8 & 9 was 4CD’s. Knowing you had reached the end of a CD gave a sense of completion and fulfilment. Final Fantasy 10 was in my opinion a waste of space… I thought WOW!! Final Fantasy on DVD this game is going to be HUGE!!! Nope… If it was an original of the Final Fantasy 7-9 Genre I would imagine it all fitting on one CD (minus audio of course.) If this game came on 2DVD-9s I bet it would even FEEL bigger than if it came on 1 HD-DVD or Blu-Ray disc. Again like above, Paying 99p a game for my C64 games, which even to this day most are better than the garbage modern manufacturers dish out (stop making First Person Shooters and find something original). Or the Amiga when Sensible Soccer came with T-Shirts and stuff at no extra cost.

rpgs suck xbox360 still rocks