Produce Lithografic with the CDRW Hardware

Hello to all,
on searching a lable maker how integrate the Dirlist as grafic I find an forum article where they give the information that HP has or wants to design a CD - Burner with the capability to design Lable at the coverside of the CD/DVD. :iagree: This Idea is great. Not only for Lables also for printing lithografics like diapositiv or contact foils for producing electronic boards.
Do you have some information for me, where I can find hardware or software to join these idea. With older burners and their ancient electronoic me or some jounger friend will doing some interessting experiments with zero costs.
My knowlede in electronics is very little but in this case where I work with slower speeds perhaps I can understand.
Thank you for helping me.
Christoph Sobotta , Leipzig, Germany

I haven’t heard about this but it will require specific hardware features
and dedicated software, so I’m afraid there’s zero chance for you to do the
same from old hardware.