Prodisk 4x burning at 12x?

I just bought a nec 3500a and i have prodisk media 4x (well when i scan disk it comes up as MCC) I my first 10 burns where at 12x and came out good. I have tested to see if one works in my old dvd player and it did (skiping chapters, did not watch the whole movie). Is this just my luck or should i lower the speed down…

also I did not test with any programs.
(What Programs are good for testing dvd-r’s)

4x burning at 12x? What’s the whole media code? Has to be MCC 02RG20, which would mean they’re actually 8x.

i am at work i will have to check that tommorow but I know I bought prodisk 4x at

With liggys FW I can burn 4x Ricoh JPNr01 at 12x on the NEC 3500A. :wink: