ProdiscS04 and NEC2500/3500

hi again. i wanted to know if anyone has used this media and if its really good to use. i been meaning to buy some a few months ago but instead brought some other brand so i dint bother with them. i am running low and i want to fill up on more discs. i have read a review on and they seem to like it. i wanted to know if any users here can advise me on that they think on this media or any information they have regarding this disc. the reason i am also interested is at svp in uk they are only £3.98 for 25pcs which is really good price for what is surpose to be a good media. they are indeed bulkpaq branded with are coloured orange. what speeds can they write at in the nec3500 if anyone that can tell me that would be a great help. thanks again all ppl :slight_smile: px

I’ve used them (Bulkpaq brand) and still use them … never had any problems, and they are in fact better than most FUJIFILM03 Datawrites!!!

For £3.98 the risc is minimal anyway, so you can give them a try and see how they are.

Here’s a typical burn I get with this media:

So far I haven’t noticed major variations from one spindle to another (or from one discs to another) and I’ve tried 3 spindles from 3 different sources … the datawrites are worse in this respect …

Hi mate,
check this post burnt on NEC 3500 @ 8X