Prodiscs03 & prodiscr03

Hello can you tell me what are the differences between these 2 media (dye) prodiscs03 & prodiscr03 ? What is the best & are they superior to RitekG04 in quality ?


One is a -R disc and the other is a +R disc. The S03 is a rather good disc that can approach the quality of the G04 (in its better days) on some burners. Smurf over at videohelp has burned thousands and swears by them. I get burns close to the quality of TY on my 3500. Others might be able to comment on dye differences and R03 quality.

Thanks for your reply chas0039 !
So for you RitekG04 > ProdiscS03 ?

Today I would buy S03 over G04 because there have been problems with consistency in the G04s and many reports of bad burns. S03s are not yet showing any of these problems but many sources cannot get them and some of the Prodisc alternatives have problems on some burners. What is your burner?

I currently have a Liteon SOHW 832s but i ordered an LG GSA 4163b
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Mediacode: Prodisc S03/S04 good disks ? :slight_smile:

People have had better results with S03s than S04s. Neither will burn very well with the Liteon but you might be OK with the LG. I am not an LG fan but if you post in the LG forum and check in the media scan section you can probably find some people who have worked with this pairing. Good luck.

Ok thx for all :slight_smile:


I had all kinds of issues with the Prodisc R03’s on my NEC 2500, 2510 and both of my 3500’s - a bunch of bad burns with dropouts and pixelization all over the burned discs-

I fineally threw them away - wouldn’t even give 'em to my jackass neighbor - they were THAT bad!!

BTW - I am getting very decent burns with my Ritek G05’s on both my 3500’s


It is me again :stuck_out_tongue:
Are the TDK (TTG02) better quality discs than RitekG04 & ProdiscS03 ? :slight_smile:

Strange Mike… I whish I’d known, I’d have asked you to send me a few as, I have a 25 piece tub of R03’s that will burn marginaly at 12X, and burn well at 8X. These were bought through newegg and branded as Legacy 8X disks. I’d have liked to check them out to see if my 3500 liked them more, or if it was just a bad batch.


I did a quick check on the scans and these don’t appear to be all that good with older machines but there have been good burns with NEC 3500. It could be anything with your LG; I would spend time in the LG forum and see what the people there are using.

I had a similar occurance a few months back. All the prodiscr03 I was getting from newegg under the legacy brand worked fine the but prodisc brand ones I got from acca recording products were real crap. I had to send them all back and all they said was it was unusual. Then they sent me some samples and I had to throw all those away too. I’m still buying from newegg though. I can’t see any reason to try acca again. Hell, even the prodiscr03 branded memorex I got from staples a while back are doing fine.

I bought some Velocity branded 8x DVD+R that were Prodisc R03. They are pretty nice @ 8x on my NEC 2510a with 2.18 Herrie hacked firmware.