ProdiscS03 or Ritek G04 A-Grade?

What DVD-R do you recommend me between ProdiscS03 (Bulkpaq 25 Stk.) and Ritek G04 printable? I have Liteon 812s.
I have read that quality of Ritek DVD-R is decreased recently. Is it true?

Thanks in advance for your reply

It depends. Mine’s fine :

As for your main Q > RitekG04’s or ProdiscS03’s

I wouldn’t recommend Prodisc. I just discovered a prodisc dvd-r I burned 2 years ago doesn’t work anymore. It used to work.
So far, my Ritek’s haven’t done that.

The print qaulity is better on the prodisc then the ridata branded riteks, which look frosty since the print layer is in between the layers on the riteks and on the surface with the prodisc.

prodisc-R has been the best choice for me… no issues at all burning these 4x discs @ 8x… the price can’t be beat… about $40 for 100pk… haven’t had it for more than a month so i don’t know how long the discs hold up

I think you’re taking serious risks with your data :stuck_out_tongue:
But its just my opinion :slight_smile:
Please report back in a year or two if they’re still readable.

just out of curiousity… every prodisc you had doesn’t work anymore?!? or is it just that one disc?

I only had 3 or 4 prodiscs…the rest were ritek’s…and yes all the prodiscs stopped working.
sorry for prophecising doom for your data…maybe it’ll be ok.
I really hope in a few years you remember to post about it :slight_smile:

I don’t think your old Prodisc were S03…may be newer stuff will be better :slight_smile:

Well, one thing’s for certain… things can change. Look at Ritek… they’ve been in a crash-and-burn downward slide in quality lately. Two years is a lot of time. Perhaps Prodisc has cleaned up its act in this time? Well, I ordered some recently. I’ll burn 'em, and in 2 years, I’ll try my best to remember to post about 'em. :wink:

i’ll try to remember to post also… probably wouldn’t be worth it since in about 2 years, ppl will be in DL discs land

I don’t think your old Prodisc were S03…may be newer stuff will be better

Plus DVD burners 2 years ago were bleeding edge first gen weren’t they?

Can you give us the media type/man ID of those bad discs?

I think perhaps they were among the first Prodisc DVD-R’s…1x rated…so probaby not something you can get today. So its possible the new 4x ones are much much better.

As for the burners back then, I don’t think anything was wrong with them. The pioneer A03 was awesome.

Those European Bulkpaq discs might be fake.
It has been reported many times that the Bulkpaq Prodisc media is very inferior to the genuine Prodiscs found in the US.

What’s the difference between european and american prodiscS03 media?
They have different dye?

I have found a review for Bulkpaq ProdiscS03

Dye seems different to this one:

I just ran a CDSpeed test on my Prodisc S03s and my Ritek G04s All burned on a Pioneer 107) using a Liteon 167T running the transfer rate test to 12X and I found virtually all the Prodiscs were straight line to the end whereas all the Riteks had significant problems past 8X. While I am not sure what this means in the long run it seems clear that Prodisc has the edge here.

just a quick question guys, ive been burning prodiscs03 successfully about 9 mins @ 8x nec nd2500a. I’ve nothing but fantastic working results with prodisc, but is prodisc good enough to store datas for as long as a couple of years? my friends argued that TY or Verbatim are the best media that can last longest time if u want to store data


TY discs have a proven track record of quality and stability.
That being said, I think that Prodiscs03 are a better bang for your buck and that you’ll probably be fine using them for your data backups.

anyone have a 1 year plus experience with prodiscS03??? is it still working fine? thx for the reply wesociety