Prodiscs are good media!

just a thread to prove that Prodisc DVD+R R02 and DVD-R R03s are good media. for some unknown reason they have been getting alot of abuse about being poor media. im here to set the record straight…if you have a correct writing strategy for these disks they are some of the best out there…imho

first burn 8x from benq DW822A stock fw with Prodisk DVD+R 4x bought from (they only carry 8x now).

media block:

0000 : 01 0f 02 00 00 03 00 00  00 25 e1 1f 00 00 00 00   .........%......
0010 : 00 00 01 50 52 4f 44 49  53 43 00 52 30 32 00 38   ...PRODISC.R02.8
0020 : 23 54 37 0f 02 54 6b 02  94 63 15 15 0b 0a 08 08   #T7..Tk..c......
0030 : 01 1c 1e 0b 0c 12 12 01  00 00 00 00 00 00 00 00   ................

8x burn with booktype set to DVD-ROM

Second burn at 6x using Benq DW822A

How about the 812S?

Originally posted by code65536
How about the 812S?

ill have to wait till i get my new drive back to try it…it should be here soon from newegg…:stuck_out_tongue:

Same image as above
Burned with NEC ND2500A at 4x using stock 1.07 fw

Wow! Go NEC!!! :cool:

Thx for the scans Jamos.
Please add a scan to the media test database.
This stuff burns pretty good :bigsmile:
My buddy Ludovick is going to order some ProdiscR02.

Prodisk DVD-R 4x S03 burned on benq DW822A at 4x

media code

0000 : 01 40 c1 fd 9e d8 52 00  02 87 0d 11 66 78 80 00   .@....R.....fx..
0010 : 03 50 72 6f 64 69 73 00  04 63 53 30 33 20 20 00   .Prodis..cS03  .
0020 : 05 a8 82 00 20 00 02 00  06 09 11 11 87 78 90 00   .... ........x..
0030 : 07 a8 82 00 20 00 00 00  08 05 17 0d 10 0b 0b 00   .... ...........

I dont think the write strategy is quite right for this media for this drive. the POs at the end seem a bit high…but really this media plays fine in all my players. PIs are excellent.

benq still has work to do with dvd-r media

Prodisk S03 DVD-R 4x burned at 4x on NEC 2500A with stock 1.07 fw.

This is gonna blow your mind for a 58 cent dvd!

this just shows how a good write strategy can make a excellent burn. :wink:

Truly excellent Jamos.

These are great scans. Are these the best scans that you have produced?

What burning program + mode, aspi layer version, CPU, and OS are your using?


using decryptor to write image file spti interface or sometimes elbys dvdclone interface. aspi 4.6. Athlon 3200xp, 1 gig ram. xp pro sp1.

I can say that I get similar results to Jamos. Very, very low PI/PO on Prodisc S03 media with the 2500A and Pio 107.

Same here. I got some “Legacy” DVD-R from Newegg yesterday ($32 shipped for 50 pk mothers day sale). They ID as PRODISC03, or is it PRODISCS03? Anyway I got a Kprobe scan almost identical to the one above when burned with my 2500 using Herrie’s beta 1.08.

Mind if I ask where youi found these for $.58? .54Cents now :wink:

The 1.07 firmware readme.txt from says it’s only for retail/bulk drives. NOT OEM. Are the internals of the OEM drive different from the retail/bulk?

Which of Herrie’s will give the same quality for the Prodiscs +R -R?

Thanks :slight_smile:

hmm the dvd+r 8x R03s are crap! actually the 4x rR02s are better media burning at 8x thant the R03 8x media is!

Hehe. Sounds like Ricoh R00 & Ricoh R01 vs. Ricoh R02. The earlier ones did a better job with 8x. :wink:

The other possibility, of course, is that Prodisc R03 strategies in firmwares have not been refined enough.

@Jamos, can you clarify this statement? On what burners are you refering too?

heres my burn from 2500a with herries 108beta3 (same for 107 stock) not bad burn but i get WAY better 8x burns with my prodisk r02s(see above)! r03s are bout 85 cents each where r02s are bout 65 cents.

heres benq burn at 8x using stock fw…as you can see the nec is far superior with this media.