Prodiscs - 100pk - $32.40 w/Free Shipping

I just ordered a 100 pack and they should be here by Friday. I’ve used them before and been very happy with the results. Parity errors were among the best of any media i’ve used. I’m just glad media keeps dropping in price because this is a great deal especially for 8x media. Oh, almost forgot, there’s a code “TCB10” you gotta enter when you checkout so you get that additional 10% off.

The media link is here:


If these are F01’s then they are good medias for movie backups - at a very good price-


Good luck with these. A lot of people have had problems with Prodisc of late, especially 8X. Hope yours are OK.

like bigmike said, this media is excellent. I’ve never had a problem other then probably two coasters I caused on my own. When I get them and burn 20% or so I’ll report back but like I said, i’ve burned plenty of these with great results. I even backed up my Hellraiser DVD’s on them so they’ve gotta be great. :bigsmile:


I had SEVERE problems with Prodisc 8x +R’s with both my 3500’s (as did many others)-

The 8x -R’s (mid=F01) have given me good burns @ 100% coaster free so far @ 'bout 25+/- burns-


Prodisc deliver very mixed results. I liken them to CMC Mag.

Yes Prodisc 8x +R quality has taken a dive. They were consistant all thru the disc. Now Im seeing lots of problems near the end of the disc. I hoped it was just limited to one or two spindles. I got more from different sites and all have these problems. What a shame…

I just today received 100 Prodisc F01 8x DVD-R’s from Amazon for $26.99 with free shipping and no tax. The item is called “STI Velocity 8x 4.7 GB DVD-R Spindle (100 Discs)”.

Of course, there is no guarantee that a spindle that you order will have the same thing.

PRODISC 8X +R works just fine for me.

Did you get them recently and have you done any scans? In 90% of dvd players I’ve tried they work fine. Every now in then one will have playback problems at the end of the disk.

The difference in my scans with my old disc and new disc are huge. I even took and old disc and burned it right after a new disc and differences were still there.

recent Prodisc DVD+R batches poor quality? :frowning: that is unfortunate.
I suppose they wanted to balance out their cr@ppy DVD-R (ProdiscF01) media? :stuck_out_tongue:

I bought a batch of Datawrite Greytops, FUJIFILM03, from UKDVDR and these work great on my NEC 3500 and Lite-On 1633S. However, a friend brought up what appeared to be the same disc (same colour/name/speed/type) and when burning to them, they failed in both the NEC and Lite-On!!

Checking the MID of these discs we found they were PRODISC F01 :Z so Datawrite definitely swap dyes and it’s pot luck whether you get a good batch :confused:

To be fair to them, their Datawrite 8x +R that use PRODISC R03 dye burn at 12x on my NEC and gave a good Kprobe scan with my Lite-On :iagree:

So it’s a gamble whether you get good burns or not depending on the ‘current flavour’ of dye they use :slight_smile:

I can’t remember when I started seeing the + spindles going down hill but it hasn’t been long.

ProdiscF01 and Fujifilm03 are both made by Prodisc, so it’s not surprising that Datawrite would have both codes for the same product. It’s probably out of their hands, just like with 8x Prodisc media being one of four possible media codes at online retailers like Rima, Super Media Store, etc.


My latest batch of Prodisc 8x -R (F01’s) came from SuperMediaStore and like I said - 25+/- burned so far and no coasters - notice that they also use AZO dye-



Now here is a great buy on Verbatim 8x -R’s @ $30 for 100 cakebox shipped - after $30 MIR:


My problem is I need a good printable DVD+R that doesn’t hurt my wallet.


Here is a good link for the Amazon Verbatim sale:


No problems with playback at the end of the disc. Works just fine.