ProdiscR02 or RicohjpnR01 for 2500A?



I am set to order either one of these. I want +R only for bitsetting.

Any comments Jamo and other experts comparing these 2 media??




Where are you located?
Some bulkpaq ProdiscR02 in the UK have been found to be poor quality.
ProdiscR02 in the US has been EXCELLENT.
If you’re in the US, I would actually recommend ProdiscR02 over the RICOHJPNR01.
But keep in mind, there have been reports of poor quality ProdiscR02.
Then again, RICOHJPNR01 also varies in quality… so take your pick! :stuck_out_tongue:


Hi Wes thanks for the comment. I am in the US and my 2 choice below:

  • RiData +R (RICOHJPNR01) from Newegg
  • White Inkjet Printable Prodisc R02 from Supermediastore or Accaproduct.

Of course the idea of getting Prodisc is inspired by the excellent++ burn shown by Jamo and other members.
The only question is how consistent the Prodisc media that Supermedia/Accaproduct stock from batch to batch???
Any comments?? TIA.


Herrie’s latest and greatest beta firmware for NEC 2500 burns RICOHJPNR01 just superbly 8X burn shown below:


Oh my I NEED Herrie 1.08B3 as in RIGHT NOW :slight_smile:
Thanks for the scan!!!


Not sure on the Supermediastore Prodiscs… but I know the accaproducts Prodiscs have been burned at 8X with excellent quality and consistency.
I think either would work just fine :slight_smile:


What are the problems with 1.08b3 that’s holding up the release? :slight_smile:


i live in the uk.
i bought some bulkpaq White Inkjet Printable Prodisc R02.
every single one of them a coaster. totally incapable of being burnt past the 3gb mark.

i will never buy these ever again. i wasted about 7 hrs of my life trying them out with different configurations of software/firmware combos.

but thats not to say u wont get an excellent batch if u order them. the above is just my experience.


Prodisc R02 don’t buy it in the Netherlands all coasters !!


Have Podisc R01 waiting to burn… And RitekJPN burned EXCELLENT! :slight_smile: CD-DVD Speed graph is simply ideal using my Toshiba SD-M1612 with unlocked speeds as tester.


Just brought me some Maxell 4X +R from Office Depot 2-for-1 deal. They are RICOHJRNR01. When I got home tonight I see the new Herrie b4 fw released. Perfect timing.
Next batch will be Prodisc. Thanks everyone for the comments.


I’d be very interested in seeing your results on the supermediastore ProdiscR02 discs.
Let us know if you acquire some… :wink:


I will report the results for sure when I got some of those Prodisc media.