hi people… im lately having big trouble with ProdiscF01 media. bad quality burns, nero even spits the disc out sometimes.! Are prodisc known for being crap media and are best avoided? i had no bother with CMC AE1 in the past, so i dont think it`s my 1653s csok playing up… anyone else had similar probs? cheers…

prodisc is all but good media…
instead, get quality +R media like verbatim, memorex, philips …(mcc, ricohjpn, ty). also update your firmware to CS0M.

thanks a lot choko, thought they were a bit crap. it just annoys me that you can buy a spindle of 25 of Datawrite manufactured by CMC and they work great, then the next time you buy a spindle they are manufactured by prodisc! whats that all about? they should state who they are manufactured by on the label…:-/

in germany, verbatim media is MCC. these discs work best with my 1653s CS0M.

In my personal view Fuji branded ProdiscF01 media are not good as older Fuji ProdiscS03 but my Liteon 1213@1653@CS0M can doubt burn ProdiscF01 @12x -I also tried changed strategy to FUJIFILM03 (supposed Fuji DVD-R to be made by Prodisc too,but same poor results)

Here some other opinion :

Maybe also depend on brand carry this MID:

DataWrite usually are B’ grade products,so they cost less -Avoid them