ProDiscF01 with LDW-411S and LDW-811S

Would someone tell me which firmwares and patch settings have worked for them with the LDW-411S and LDW-811S for ProDiscF01 media? The OEM firmwares show 2X and 1X as the fastest burn options. Blech!

Please use the search feature to find “ProdiscF01” information and strategies ;). Also check out the [thread=114269]Media Code Speed Edit tool[/thread].

OK, I’ve found how to set the media identifier and speed using MediaCodeSpeedEdit and DVD Identifier. I’m still seeeing some periodic burn problems. There is some mention of using different burn strategies ( That seems encouraging as I’ve also got a NEC 3500 burner.

Maybe I’m blind but I cannot find a way to change that using MediaCodeSpeedEdit or OmniPatcher. How would this be done? Is it possible to copy a burning strategy or should the ProdiscS04 which exists be renamed to ProdiscF01?

Using OmniPatcher, double click on the ProdiscF01 media code and then in the newly displayed dialog select the required media code for the strategy switch. Note, ProdiscS04 does not exist in the 811S firmware. :wink: