Prodiscf01 issues on 451s@832s



Hey guys,

My burner was working flawlessly with Smartbuy4x DVD-R’s (ProdiscS03). I needed to switch to a printable media and could only get Prodisc8x DVD-R’s(ProdiscF01).

I had no luck with burning on these disc’s. I decided to do the crossplash-patched to 832s. I did not apply rec. tweaks as it altered settings on the the S03 I was have no issues with, and made no changes to the F01’s.

Can anyone recommend a write strategy to alter for F01 media that I mave have success with? Is it possible that using changing it to the S03 strategy would help? Or is it simply trial and error?

Thanks in advance,


@ Dynamyte
Welcome:). I have no sure-fire answers for you but maybe a few suggestions. You could search the media forum or the strat swap thread for other peoples trials. you could also try burning them at 4x speed, since you are used to burning S03’s at that speed, and maybe you’ll get better results. You could try the strat swap with S03 to see how it goes(post results in the strat swap thread, post link and short answer here)but it will affect your S03 burns, as the burner will see them as the same disc types. If you get bad burns using S03 and you switch back, don’t forget to clear your eeprom learnt memory.


In addition to the suggestions that please offered, I wonder if VY08 would help (be sure to apply the crossflashing patch to VY08 using OP-1.3.14 or newer)… people seem to report better -R results with VY08. That and the fact that it’s newer than any of the 832S firmwares… :wink:


Good luck. I would avoid these in the future. Many, many people have been reporting numerous problems, including seperation of the surface material in the drive.


Please, I never have burned at >4x, I was looking for a better burn (not a faster one) when I did the crossflash.

Oddly enough I tried a RitekG04 and although better, still no success.

As for swapping write strategies, if I force the ProdiscF01 to use the SO3 strategy it only effects F01 media. It should not alter my currnet strategy for S03…I did try as low as 2x with no success on the F01’s, but have not altered write strategy.

So far my best media is ProdiscS03’s, but I have not found them in printable.



Let me add, I did not apply recommended tweaks as one of the write stretegies that changes is for the ProdiscS03 (and currnetly that media works well for me). However, I have just altered the ProdiscF01 to the same write strategy so we will see what happens.

Unfortunately I have to screen the movie a couple of players. K-probe does not seem to like Nforce drivers. I BSOD everytime launch it, its the only time I have ever BSOD’don my current sys.