ProdiscF01 / F02, any good?



I usually use Verbatims DVD+Rs, but I’d like to also get some decent cheap disks. SVP sells Pidata brand (non-printable) ProdiscF01 and ProdiscF02, and the three reviewers seem to like them. After browsing this forum and other websites, I’ve noticed two things about those two disk types:
1)Recent scans usually seem pretty good (which of course doesn’t automatically mean that they’re good, or that data written to them will still be around when you come to visit it in a few years time.)
2)Quite a few people detest them, though they don’t bother saying anything about what they think is so horrible about them.
So, if I do buy those, would I end up regretting it for the rest of my life? Are there any other cheap disks from SVP that would be a better choice?

I’ve an Optiarc AD-5170A with 1.14 and a NEC ND-2500A crossflashed to ND-2510A, I’m afraid I’ve no idea how I would go about to find out if they’re supported on my drives, but they’re a well known make that have been around for quite a while, so it would surprise me if they’re not.

Is there any quality difference between the F01 and F02? They’re about the same price and the difference in time it takes to nuke a disk at those speeds is pretty negligible, and my ancient computer struggles to reach 16X anyway.


Prodisc F02’s OK…I have some from ages ago (Datawrite branded), burned at 16x on a LiteOn 1693S, that still play, scan and TRT fine. :slight_smile:

Couldn’t tell you about the F01’s, as I never tried them.

BTW, welcome to the forum :slight_smile:


Thank you for the welcome :slight_smile:
I’m a bit suspicious towards Datawrite/Datasafe. The only disks from them I have are some CMC E01s I bought during a promo, and even though they’re apparantly one of the least terrible CMCs there where quite a few that couldn’t be read correctly. I also get the impression a lot of people aren’t overly fond of them.
I was a bit amused when I went to the website printed on the disks out of curiousity and while there was no mention that I could see about who ran the site there was a “review” that mentioned how fabulous Datasafe media is. Whois reveals the domain is registered to none other than Datasafe-Media LTD…


Hehe, I too am suspicious of Datawrite/Datasafe, as a rule.

I got these discs from a friend who didn’t want them (still all sealed up), but ProdiscF02 from any reputable brand should be equally as good. :slight_smile:


My F01’s and F-2’s are holding up really well - they work in all DVD players that I’ve tried and theyve given me absolutely no problems or degradation, so I heartily resommend them :slight_smile:


F02 are excelent. I’ve tried Datawrite Grey and they scan very nice. No problem in dvd players at all. Some burner can even burn Prodisc F02 at 20x
The difference between F01 and F02 are that F01 is 8x and F02 16x.
I’ve tried F01, Dysan brand and they were very good also.


[QUOTE=memberix;2106087]F02 are excelent. I’ve tried Datawrite Grey and they scan very nice. [/QUOTE]

Hehe, that’s what mine are, the Datawrite Grey :slight_smile: