ProDisc03 and 3500 = any good?

i want to know if these discs are any good. i have seen datawrite grey 4x with this dye which is really cheap. i just wanted to know if this are good and can they write faster than 4 like 8x-16x. or is it better to get the prodisc04 as i think these caqn write at 16x with this drive. thanks

Yo PiracyX-

I have two 3500’s and have found that they work best with -R media-

Have gotten perfect burns with the following (listed by quality of burns):

Taiyo Yuden 8x -R’s
Ritek 8x -R’s
Prodisc 8x -R’s
BeAll 4x -R’s

Hope this helps-

Happy Burnin’


prodisc s03 or prodisc r03?

i’ll assume ur reffering to s03 coz i believe those dw greys are minus r.

i burn a bulkpaq prodisc s03 @ 4x, here the reslts, judge 4 urself:

oh dear. thanks for that. yea sorry i did mean DVD-R prodiscs03. sorry about that but you knew what i meant. i won’t be buying this instead. thanks mike and xaar. i will buy some prodiscs04 now :slight_smile: thanks again

Strange, mine seem to work really well at 4x with my 3500A:

These were from a 50 pack of Memorex though.