One year ago, I bought the LiteOn 40x, which came with a 40x Prodisc CD-R. I burned it and put it away.

Today, I wanted to make a scan of it, but I can’t scan beyond the first minute of the disc: it’s entirely unreadable…

That much about Prodisc…


Humh. Yeah prodisc have been varying in quality the past year or so…

I’ve prodiscs (sold as megadata) burned in 1999 and they still work great.

But now I bought prodisc (Smartbuy - a prodisc owned brand) 48X and they won’t work reliably at speeds higher than 32X in my drives: Lite-on LTR-48246K, LTR-48125W, Optorite CW-5205, samsung SM-348B, and in a plextor PX-W2410 they don’t work at all…

But now I got some 52X (memorex) prodiscs that works without a problem at any speed.

Something is weird.


I’ve heard good things about Prodisc before, but I tried some Memorex 48x Prodiscs for the first time and they didn’t work very well for me. I guess they must be a good manufacturer to stay away from now.


I bought some Prodisc 8 cm CDRs and didnt burn them for a half year.
Now I wanted to burn one and saw, that one disc has lost its dye as a whole (you can draw it away), 4 of the remaining 10 have oxidation spots outside!!!