Prodisc/ Taiyo Yuden CDRs - silver matte



firstly, i cant seem to find Taiyo Yuden CDRs with surfaces that are meant for writing on (with marker). i can only find the silver or white inkjet printables, which are super sticky & matte, and leave every fingerprint looking like it’s branded on there forever - not good. and the silver thermal laquers are mirror reflective which are really only meant for pasting labels on, as it’s so reflective it’s hard to read anything written on them, and also impossible not to get blinded by the intense color spectrum reflection when writing under light.

so i was wondering if the Prodiscs compare to Taiyo Yuden, b/c they offer CDRs with writable silver matte surfaces. i just want standard smooth silver matte like any data CDR you can find in stores - ie TDK, Fuji, Memorex.

any recommendations would be greatly appreciated.




maybe you can get Verbatim Pastell - they can be written with a marker, and they are real TY. I have to mention, that the discs are coloured.

Prodisc can’t be compared to TY :wink:



I’d choose TDK (Moser Baer India) CDRs over Prodisc.

As mentioned, you can get Verbatim Pastels, which are coloured TY discs…


thanks for the suggestions. i couldnt find any pastell’s in the US doing a google search. are they europe only?

i’ve been using TDK 100pk data spindles (the ones made in india) for like 8 yrs, and they’ve gotten steadily worse. now they’re quite bad. some cd players have a very hard time reading/scanning/ffwd/rwd with these TDKs.

i was able to return those TYs, so i’m gonna try the white printable ones and hope they’re not as sticky as the silvers.

if they are, i might go for the Verbatim DataLife Plus Azo Dye spindles. arent these the next best thing to TY?


ps. i’m mainly using a Liteon SOHR-5238S & a Pioneer DVR-109