Prodisc S04

Anyone tried these? What are they like. SVP have got these on special (5.99) for 25 due to the incompatibility with burners. Ive got A 3500ag so im ok, but whats the failure rate like on them. Ive always used prodisc CDR’s and had no problems so they are a brand i trust in CD, but i dunno about DVD.

Thanks in advance

BTW, the brand is bulkpaq! (I currently use Datawrite Grey Fuji03 and have had absolutely no probs)

i got some bulkpaq 8x dvd-r off svp also and they work fine with my nec 2500a with herrie firmware.i burn’t about 30 so far with no coasters ,some at 8x but most at 6x . don’t have a lite-on drive so cannot do a k-probe . a nero scan shows a perfect straight line for transfer test. would love to see a k-probe scan of these . i got some of them fujifilm03 also and work fine too.

I have tried 4-5 times to get someone with these to post a scan. I am beginning to think they don’t really exist. Come on someone, prove me wrong and post a scan, bonus points awarded for burning on a Pioneer 107!

Yeah, using fuji film 03 at the mo myself. Wont be ordering to the end of the week anyways so i’ll wait and see if anyone else can give any comment on the bulkpaq

I will try and remember to post a scan of these when I get home. They have somewhat high error rates, just a ballpark figure is avg 100PI on a 4x scan and about 60-80avg on a 2x scan (8 ecc for PI). Peaks are 200+ PI. POs are about 10 avg if I remember right.
Much higher than Ricoh, MCC and Ritek 8x +R media. No coasters but not the most beautiful scans either.

Thanks, if you can great, if you can’t I will probably avoid them based on your experience. The last guy who ordered some and posted got stuck with some MCC media that did not agree with his burner at all. With Prodisc these days you don’t know what you will get. They are just no longer worth the trouble. I just saw a perfect scan on some Ritek G05s with a Pioneer 107 and as they have a $10 rebate on now I will try for them before they deteriorate as well.

That is the only reason why I have never gone with Prodisc. Most of the time the price differential between Ritek and Prodisc is only a few dollars (and that is only if you buy in a 100 pack or more).

There some people not happy with Prodisc S03s.

I also bought the same discs from SVP.My NEC 3500 would only write them at 4X. I updated the firmware to 2.17 and the now they write at 8X.

what they burn like? Think im gonna stick with datawrite grey anyways, coz i know they work well on my particular burner. Pity, coz ive always been quite loyal to prodisc with cdr’s

That is I. I was hoping that S04s might not have the same problems but they appear to so I am back to Ritek.

I ordered some s04 anyways on Saturaday. Just been on the SVP site though, and they have changed the media code to Fuji03. SO maybe i’ll be ending up with those anyways!

…and the Prodisc “code of the week” just keeps getting stranger and stranger.

Prodisc makes media for Fujifilm with the FUJIFILM03 MID, so it’s no suprise that some people receive FUJIFILM03 media when ordering 8X Prodisc DVD-R.

Same thing happens with CMC when they make 8X DVD+R for Philips with PHILIPSC08 MID.
Sometimes you get CMCMAGE01, sometimes you get PHILIPSC08.

Quite a game! Musical MIDs! :stuck_out_tongue:

I just received some 8X Prodisc DVD-Rs and they have a ProdiscF01 MID.
It’s too bad, because I was really hoping for ProdiscS04.

0000 : 01 40 c1 fd 9e d8 52 00 02 88 0d 0c 88 88 90 00 .@…R…
0010 : 03 50 72 6f 64 69 73 00 04 63 46 30 31 00 00 00 .Prodis…cF01…
0020 : 05 b8 83 00 30 00 01 00 06 09 0f 10 88 78 90 00 …0…x…
0030 : 07 29 82 10 21 00 00 00 08 05 17 0d 0f 07 07 00 .)…!..

hi all
i have some scans for this media, burnt at 8X on a Nec 3500 with v2.f9 mad dog firmware, scaned on a Liteon 5232k combo drive at Max