PRODISC S04 alternative

I purchased 500 Prodisc S04 white inkjet printable disks. I wrote the first several with verification and they came out fine. After that I quit using the verification becuase of the extra time needed to complete a disk and the first several seemed okay. No problems in playback either. I wrote another 130 or so without any apparent problems.

I decided to convert some old BETA camcorder tapes while I still had a BETA player that would play them however after viewing a couple of these disks noticed freezing and blocking towards the end of the DVD. I re-wrote these disks with verify on and the verification always failed. I tried about 20 more disks and each time verification failed. I thought it must be my writer as the first 130 were fine so I purchased a new writer however have the same problem. If the disk is only about half used they seem fine but if the disk is full or close to it the verification always fails between 85% and 100%. Out of the last 40-50 disks I have only had two that verified.

The cost to return the defective and unused disks is considerable so would appreciate if someone could make a recomendation as to what I should replace these disks with as I don’t want to have to return the replacement ones for similar problems as the shipping really adds up. It is important that the disks store the video without errors as I want to be able to keep these as they are videos of our kids when they were quite young and are not going to be able to be replaced. Unlike movies where you can simply record them again or go buy a copy these videos cannot be replaced.

Just a further note I went and purchased a 10 pack of Memorex disks at a local store just to convince myself it was not a writer drive problem. These disks ended up being CMC, which I understand is an inferior disk, however all of them wrote and verified perfectly. I don’t plan to use these disks for important video but they all did write and verify fine.

I would really appreciate your feedback on the situation with the S04 Prodisc disks, and what recommendations you might have for a more reliable disk.

I read that RITEK used to be a very good disk but that lately these disks have had poor performance as well. I also appreciate that TY is probably the best disk to buy but given the price find it hard to justify, and am sure there must be reliable disks at a better price than TY.

I was originally using an LG4082 and then bought a LG4160. I have since bought a HP 630i burner and have had better success with these disks however once you get over 4GB I am still experiencing problems. I have two large projects to complete and really need to order some disks now but don’t want to end up with problematic disks, and can’t afford TY so your recommendations would really be appreciated.

Thank you

How about RICOH or discs with Ricoh-MID.
Verbatims with MCC or MKK MID should also be good.

You are not alone. Over at they have come to the same conclusion concerning these discs.

I have had very good luck with Ritek G05s but I haven’t seen a printable yet. They don’t seem to have the problems of the 4X media (yet).
Good luck finding a replacement. I have seen nothing as yet. Maybe TY here is affordable?

ive had problems with prodiscso4 films pausing and breaking up towards the end now using fujifilm03 with flawless results (datawrite greys)

hmmm, have you tried burning them at a lower speed, like 8x

I have also noticed tempurature does make a difference to the burning quality of many disks. Make sure the ambient tempurature isn’t baking when you burn disks at high speed.

Another reason to avoid these discs: