Prodisc S03 "mountain effect" with 832s firmwares VS0A thru CG2B

Hello fellow Lite-On enthusiasts,

First, thanks C0deking for all the hard work supplying us with patched firmwares. You are da man!

I have a 451s patched to 832s firmware. Starting with VS0A up through CG2B, I’ve found that my Prodisc S03 -R burns have a mountain effect. This may also happen with VS08, I never tried that one. With the 851s firmware such as GS0K, I would get very nice flat Prodisc S03 burns. This is all from the same spindle and I have verified this with dozens of burns. I would love to use the 832s firmware. What’s different between their write strategies for -R media?

What happens when you go back to 851s firmware such as GS0K… Do you get your good burns back?

Here’s the result of a burn that I just made with 851s GS0K firmware. This is the very first burn after flashing back to GS0K. Wow I almost forgot how nice the burns are with this firmware!

BTW - In both cases the media was burned @ 4x. K-Probe was run with the default settings.

You should use “4x” as speed instead of “Max”.

Setting KProbe to 4x instead of Max shows very little difference. Bad burns are bad burns; the mountain effect is still there.

Here are two scans of the same disc, one read @Max and another @4x. This burn was made a few weeks ago with one of the VS0x firmwares. I would have expected the 4x scan to be marginally better, but in this case it’s worse.

What scans you get when you scan disks burnt with 832 under 851?

the two that I posted right above are burned with VS0x firmware (832s)

Scan the disk you burnt earlier under 832S, Now on your 851S.
Do you see any difference Scanning the same disk under 832S and 851S.

IE burnt on 832S, Scanned using 832S and 851S…

The mountain effect shows up when scanned with either firmware. Really, who cares if one firmware shows a slightly better scan :confused: A bad burn is a bad burn.

I have a LiteOn HD-166s reader that shows consistent scans compared to the burner. Yes, the numerical results are not comparable, but the mountain effect is apparent. The 166s has some difficulty reading the end of the disc.

After reading some of the other related threads and your responses, I am beginning to understand the reasoning behind your question. In my case, I believe that the burn really is bad towards the end. All other devices that I’ve tested (DVD-ROM drives, stand-alone DVD players) exhibit read issues at the same spot on the disc. It’s not simply a bogus reporting of the media by the burner.
As further proof, here is a scan using 851s GS0K firmware on a disc that was burned with 832s CG2B firmware. There are fewer errors towards the end, but the magnitude is just as high as scans using 832s firrmware. Those PIF spikes of 200+ are not good :sad:

Try a CD-Speed Transfer Rate test and see…

851s GS0K burns ProdiscS03 extremely well.
832s VS0x & CGxB have problems with -R burns toward the end.

Is there an easy way to take the -R write strategies from the 851s firmware and put them into the 832s patched firmware?

I did a test burn using HS0K @ 4X to see if there was a general -R burn fix but it does not look like it. IF there is a change in the media id itself for a strategy between HS0K and VS0B then maybe that is the difference between the 2. Some of the other -R burns are as screwed up as ever.

Actually yours looks like a read problem, Those spikes are most likely caused by the relinking process and the drive had a hard time finding the place again. try doing getting rid of highest value a few times to get an average graph. It seems your values are well within tolerence limits. Can you get a better graph without all those numbers getting printed and the black bar instead of the graph? Its hard to make out some things.

The fact of the matter is that burns done with patched 832s firmware (VS0A thru CG2B) have problems at the end that all other readers confirm. As I stated previously, this is true not only with the burner itself, but with a Lite-On 166s DVD-ROM, Pioneer A06 and a stand-alone Apex DVD player. PI/PIF errors aside, I know there’s a problem when I can’t even copy the disc because of errors.
I’m surprised no one else has noticed this yet (or at least hasn’t posted). Perhaps this is due to my drive being a 451s. Do the “true” 851s and 812s fare better on -R with 832s firmware?

try ASPI drivers use to your DVD-RW

How will ASPI drivers make any difference on my Apex DVD player? :a

Here is a Daxon Burn (VS08) followed by a same brand at (CGB2) This also seems consistent. Hump at front moving to back. 4X media burnt at 4X: