Prodisc, Ritek and TY, which can burn @8x or more?

Hi all,
I am going to buy some blank media from
1 - I am going to buy TY DVD+R 8x, can it burn @12x or more with good quality?
2 - Which is better : Ritek 8x or Prodisc 8x to burn @8x or more with good quality ( - and + )?

3 - I am going to buy NEC 3500 from :
I want to know. what is the color of this drive from this store?
Is it beige like what I see from the picture?

Thank you
Doctor Aziz

There are 3 different media codes that you might get from Prodisc so I would avoid them as some of the codes are better than others. I have burned very good scans with the Ritek G05s on my 3500 but they will only burn at 8X. TY -R will burn at 12X on my 3500 but I am not aware of what the +R will do. If you really want +R Rima will be happy to send you a sample disc to try out. CDSpeed will confirm the range of burn speeds for your media and drive. Also ask Rima on the color of the drive and check out NewEgg if you want a different color.

Keep in mind all NEC drives in the US are OEM and are not supported or warranteed by NEC. Either of these two re-sellers is a reliable source for support but you will need to troll the forums for firmware as NEC USA will not provide it.

Thank you chas0039 very much for your help.
And what codes are good for prodisc, and is it more better than ritek?
And to what speed I can burn it with NEC 3500?

I know is a good store, but I want to buy the drive and media from one store, And I think is the best store for god media with good price.

And I sent a message to asking about color.

Thank you very much
Doctor Aziz


I too have had issues with Prodisc 8x media - especially the +R’s (I personally would stay away from that brand)-

Stick with the Ritek -R’s and/or the Taiyo Yuden - or + R’s for your 3500-


Thank you bigmike7.

I have burned Prodisc S04 and it seems to be a good burn with the 3500 though not as good as Ritek G05. Both are 8X. Also, from what I have read, there is only a marginal decrease in the burn time from 8X to 12X. Until the media people catch up I am very happy with the 8X media. If I wanted 12X I would ONLY use TY. The price is very fair and the quality is exceptional.

Yo chas0039-

Yes - most TOTALLY agree!!


Thanks bigmike7, always nice to have someone agree with you. has it for $72(beige) or $73(black) shipped right now.

The Fuji TY T02 I use are burning happily @ 16x. If you are happy with 12X then TY+R are basically bulletproof :slight_smile:

The prodisc 03’s will burn excellent at 12X with the right firmware. . Of course TY02’s burn at 16X even better. :slight_smile: :slight_smile: :slight_smile: :slight_smile:

There you go, TY for 12X at either +R or -R. Thanks g-t, do the +Rs burn at 16X on the 3500 with stock firmware?

They sure do

My very first burn with stock 2.16 was a perfect 16X with those Fuji TYT02 :iagree:


Have any scans? :wink:

Don’t have a Liteon drive to do scans. I used DVD Speed Tx. rate test and get a smooth curve which I assume is good enough. Disc works fine in all players I have tried.

So I am happy with the Fuji +R. Still have about 90 of them and by the time I need refill I think the TY T03 would be widely available :slight_smile:

i myself like prodisc dvd-r
i use S04 and MCC 02RG20

both burns pretty well havnt gotten a coaster
the S04 burns at 8x (starts burn at 4x) and MCC 02RG20 does it at 12x(starts burn at 6x)

Here is a Fuji TY 02 @ 16X

I’ve been having problems burning TY02’s @16X on the 3500 with 2.17 and 2C8
Here aris a scan of CD Speed Create a disc. The disc never achieved a 16X burn. However, I was able to do a tranfer rate test that shows 16X using TY02. The create a disc scans wrote in P-CAV. Why didn’t it write in CAV. I noticed the link in HairyCary’s post he was able to write in CAV, Any comments.