Prodisc R05



What is everyone’s opinion on Prodisc media? I remember having mixed results on older 8x -R media, but I bit the bullet last weekend and picked up a 50pack of Fuji 16x +r for 12$ on sale at Best Buy, and just had a chance to do some testing. Looks like quality media for the price. If you have an scans of this media, please post and discuss!

Strangely enough there must not be firmware support for LG drives yet, as it will only burn at a 4x max, so I didn’t even bother testing on the LG.


Are you saving those windows as .png files with the floppy disk icon, or are you using Alt + PrintScrn then cropping?

For some reason it looks like you’re doing the latter :slight_smile:

Edit: re: Prodisc - I like it for everyday use, along with CMC.


Unfortunately the floppy disc icon doesn’t show up in any Vista OS. So yeah I’m left having to do it the old-fashioned way.


Ah, OK :slight_smile:

Are you looking for scans of any Prodisc media, or just ones with the Prodisc R05 MID?

I have a “test disc” that I made when I got my last batch of Prodisc F02s that I can scan.

Edit: nevermind, I re-read it and I believe you’re looking for R05 :slight_smile:


Interesting. :slight_smile:
Would you mind posting some transfer rate tests performed in LG? PIE/PIF scanning don’t tell everything about disc and burning quality… :wink:


R05 uses Fuji-developed Oxolife dye, as opposed to R04 that used AZO dye, according to thia@9’s site (Japanese).


Yeah any scans from Prodisc media would be nice, as it helps determine the relative quality of Prodisc across a range of different media. Even at 16x, the results are decent, just not as pretty.


TRT looks good. This was one of the discs that were burned @ 16x.


Thanks. :flower:

Now could you do me a last favor maybe, and scan the same disc in your LiteOn @16X? :slight_smile:


@adelphia83 - you should charge Franck for scanning/TRTing time :bigsmile:

(Only kidding Franck :flower: )


Hehe nothing better to do on a Monday while I wait for my new Epson R380 to show up at the door… :bigsmile:

Here’s the TRT on the Lite-on. Looks a bit more sensitive… Are slowdowns typical of Liteon drives?


Justy glitches apparently, these drops are totally insignificant, even in my book (I’m extremely picky with TRTs :bigsmile: )

Actually I was asking for a PIE/PIF scan @16X in the Litey, not a TRT. But maybe you just did the TRT out of personal interest, which is not a bad thing of course. :slight_smile:

Charge me? Can I pay in cats? Or in yoyos?


I agree about the TRT, I wouldn’t let those tiny little “dips” bother me. It’s when they’re a bit more pronounced you need to worry IMO.

[OT]Cats or Yoyos will do fine :bigsmile: [/OT]


Actually should be not. But such small slowdowns can be neglected.
The newer LiteOns are only slightly better than average readers though, IMO. My LG doesn’t choke on PIF spikes while my LiteOn often does, and from what I heard BenQ is also sensitive to those.


Ask and you shall receive :bigsmile:

Interestingly enough my old Lite-on 160P6S was worthless at reading discs, I often had to use my NEC 3550A because they Lite-on was so bad… It was a great burner though, while the NEC wasn’t (except for DL media).


Great. :cool: Now I can safely make my mind about at least this very R05 disc: it’s totally satisfying (in my book) :iagree: - interesting alternative to CMC, then, even though I guess that under the Fujifilm brand, these are not necessarily cheap. :confused:

Interestingly enough my old Lite-on 160P6S was worthless at reading discs, I often had to use my NEC 3550A because they Lite-on was so bad…
Very strange…


I have a spindle of 10 Prodisc R05’s, Fuji branded, and they’re really good - equal to CMC for everyday use. My scans (1655, BCIB firmware, burnt at 16x) are almost exactly the same as the ones posted above. Really good disc in my book :slight_smile:


My Liteon 160P6S is also an only ‘average’ reader so it’s not isolated, although it sounds as if yours may be even worse. Looks like I bought a Liteon burner a generation too late in terms of them being ‘good readers’, however they are better burners than in the past. With all of the good burners I already have though, it would be nice to add another outstanding reader to my drives (fortunately I do have 1 old drive that outperforms all others for reading, though not a Liteon).


My NEC drives have always been my best readers, but their horrible burn quality doesn’t make up for it…