Prodisc R03

My bad Prodisk R03s were also from Acca. So, maybe they just had a bad batch.

Well I can only say youre missing alot by not using the omnipatched VS0A, Prodisc R03 burns perfectly so far with VS0A, look at the result I have

Here is another one, using 851S OLD FIRMWARE GSC2. 8x BURNING


More Prodisc R03 fresh burn tonight at 8X

I’m not missing anything really. I do use the ProdiscR03 almost exclusively. I just buy them from a place I trust. My kprobe scans look about like yours do and I’m using stock firmware. I just wish the 812S would work this well on other brands.
I’m thinking about getting small pack of the Uninfino 8X disks to see how they work. A few months ago they were really expensive, but the price has fallen dramatically and I’ve heard almost nothing about them.

May want to upgrade to kprobe 2.2.3 or above, it may help your spike issues. :wink:

Ohh ok, thanks…didnt notice its out