Prodisc R03

I live in South Africa and it is pretty hard for me to get media at a good price.
I have now found a shop that will give me a very good deal on Prodisc R03. I bought one and tested it getting pretty good results. Pi average about 1,5 Po average about 0,03. I am using my 812 as a 832 with VS08. The burns were done @ 8 x speed. Now before going out and buying a whole bunch of discs I just wanted to know if these discs are generally good or if I just hit it lucky and got the only good one in a batch of 100. The discs are sold as Proformance 8 speed.

By the way the effort put in by all the people on this forum is out of this world.

Thanks in advance :bigsmile: :bow: :bigsmile:


I’ve had a wonderful experience with my Prodisc R02s.

The word right now is that Prodisc is stirring up a storm in the market with low prices and high quality (they used to have a rather poor reputation, as I understand it, but they’ve cleaned up their act lately). So far, it seems like all the recent Prodisc stories that I’ve heard have been positive.

Only problem I found is when burning it leaves those strange looking unburned spots torward the outer edge when burning at 8x but not at 6X so burning at 6x your burns are always fantastic. imo and testing

Thanks for the quick reply. I forgot to mention that I was using DVD + r, but I guess you were able to deduce that by the quality of the burn. This first Prodisc R03 burn was acctually strides better than my verbatim burns that I have been getting! For less than half the price that is pretty damned good. On another note has anyone ever heard anything of skymedia (Disc Type POMSA0010R) I got them from Germany (Media Markt- massive media saleshouse) I have not had one succesfull burn yet!?!
By upgrading the firmware I have managed to get down the errors a lot but since I started out with Pi of 1400 and Po of 600 the current result is still very bad. Maybe some one out there knows of a different write strategy to use on these disks?

Do not buy Sky media! I’ve had a 25 pcs spindle of Sky media and I did’nt get one successful burn even though I tried many different DVD-writers and firmwares.

My experience starting out with R03’s were bad, couldn’t use stock firmwares in mt 832s, so I used omnipatcher and swapped the strat with the yudenT02 strat and it worked great. Did this with VS04/5 but with VS08 and the strat swap, the scan right after burning was great, but twelve hours later it was one of those “omg thats the worst burn I’ve ever seen” scans.

So I stayed with VS05 for now, maybe VS08 has an improved default strategy for R03’s :confused. I didn’t test with stock firmware on it. But now I’m out of those discs so I can’t anyway.

But now why would the quality of a burn change so much 12 hours later???
OK if it were lets say 30 minutes later I may have understood, but so much later?

I was trying to figure out that one myself. Maybe it was just one really bad disc.

… or it was exposed to sunlight :slight_smile:

Nope stored in a cool, dark environment, with no humidity. :confused: So I don’t know what the deal was, but it was only one disc so I wasn’t too worried about it.

I have read alot about R03. People have very good burns and very poor burns. Maybe they are produced at differents factories… I’ve just odered a batch of SmartBuy 100 DVD+R 8X (PRODISCR03) to try with my 851S. We will see. I’ll try to switch strategies with the VS08. For 35 US!!! :smiley: for 100! I can waste some to have the best burns.

I’ll post my results here next week.


Thanks that would really be super TurboP

It could be that Prodisc grades their products.

For example, discs with the Ricoh code gets a lot more special care during production than discs with the Ritek code (Ritek manufactures both Ricoh and Ritek). And those Ricoh discs that are then sold to the big OEM customers like Fuji are usually the cream of the crop. And then the not-so-good Ricoh discs are sold elsewhere.

So it may be that the Legacy brand (huh?), which has a reputation for using poor-quality media, were given the dregs of Prodisc’s production.

Ive had some bad experiences with R03s but i beleive it was a defective batch. I know the R02s are excellent. :wink:

I have used about 30 Prodisc 8X R03 and there were maybe 4-5 coasters, but the average burn quality has been MUCH better than TY01 4X (10 coasters out of 40!) I had under Samsung brand, and the last R03 burnt with VS08 was awesome!

those 4X TY01 were twice as esxpensive as these 8X Prodisc R03, so I will stick with Prodisc R03 for now, at least they seem to work well with my 851S.

I was having issues with my Samsung TY01s till i swaped strategies and used the TY02 one…but you need omnipatcher to do that.

I’ve tried Prodisc R03 with different firmware on my 851S My best result is a 150 avg PIs with the GS0H omnipatched with the last recommended tweaks. I’ve tested GS0K, VS08, VS0A, omnipatched or not… I was getting avg PI around 400. I use Nero Burning Rom, latest version… Any one has better reults?

I will post some graphs for you to see, its not 100% but, VS0A produces very good results, try to see if the writing strategy is TY02

PRODISCR04 has also been reportedly found in SmartBuy 8X DVD+R packages, so you may get lucky and actually get some 16X certified media. :slight_smile:

On another note, NEC 2500/2510A burns all recent Prodisc media EXCELLENTLY.

I’m not sure I understand all these problems with prodiscro3 media. I started out with a ten pack of Legacy 8X DVD+R from newegg and they burnt well. Then I went through a couple of 25 spindles and they all worked fine. Now I’m working on a spindle of 50 and expect excellent results. However, I did buy some prodiscr03 from Acca Recording Products and after throwing the first four in the trash I refunded the spindle. Later, they sent me some samples of Ritek, Prodisc and Optodisc ( all 8X DVD+R) and every one of them went in the trash. Except the Optodisc, those work but not that well. They’re not quite as good as CMC and that’s saying something. What I find odd is if everyone is buying prodiscr03 from the same online vendors ( Acca/Rima come up a lot ) and complaining about them, but I can buy the very same disks under a different brand name from a reputable vendor and have no problems I think it says something about the quality of media to be expected from a place like Acca/Rima/Yahoo, which I believe are the same store. I personally think they may be selling second rate media as first rate. Not that I feel ripped off and want to slam them, it’s just that I can’t find a better reason for this discrepancy in media. On the other hand, maybe Legacy demands only first rate disks from Prodisc and Prodisc sells the second rate stuff under their own name, but that doesn’t make any sense. Note I’ve been using only stock firmware in my 812S and this is the only 8X DVD+R media I’ve found that burns well. I am slamming Lite-On here.