Prodisc r-, Greate brand but 1620 Beware

I hate to have to write this, I love prodisc, and they have been the cornerstone of my dvd burning buisness. I count on TY and MCC for my backups though.

Now I am experiencing some weird problems, after I got my 1620 I also got prodisc +. After finishing my pluses I went and stuck back in my prodisc R04 and F01(a new 8x r-) and after several firmware changes I am still getting bad scans

I just got PIE= 501 PIF= 13 jitter=10.8avg and 14.7 max

I realize that PI scanning is simply a guide.

And I know I have now brought my problem up several times.

What I would like to get from this post is others take on Prodisc R- in the 1620. I have burned TY OEM R- 8x (thermal) and they get fantastic scores.

Also last night I got a message from nero saying that the burn completed but with warnings. I did 3 burns with 3 different prodiscs, the +, and the 2 diff 8x -, the worst the S04 actually had an error in the verification, it was only 10 sectors.

Once again I have tried first the Z(worst) then B7P9 and T.

I guess without confusing you the reader further, I just want to know, If you get PIE of 500, but yet the scan is successful or
If scandisc sector scan is fine, but PI scan fails and stops(not because of not ejection) is the disc fine.
Unfortunaltly I dont have the time to watch these discs to confirm them.

I would just really like to know if anyone out there got consistently bad scans with prodisc Printables, oh yeah add that to it to, these are inkjet printable. Has anyone had problems with inkjet printables with the BenQ. I might buy an NEC so I may compare. Or a Lite-On, I cant decide which.

Seems like I read a while back that someone said the inkjet printables weren’t any good but the regular ones were. I haven’t tried any of the -R Prodiscs since I only use the +R and haven’t found a reason to change brands.

I tried Prodisc 4X printables and fell in love with them. Unfortunately, after 48 (or so I thought) good burns, I started getting poor burns or out right failures. I had been using a Liteon burner. I replaced the burner with Benq and still got garbage. After a lot of investigation I discovered the Prodisc qualitity has a lot to be desired. I still have about 40 discs that i will probably just throw away. I have reverted to non printables and will at some time try the TY printables. Untill then , stay away from Prodisc printables!

Yup, Prodisc is really hit and miss for quality. At one time they were heralded as a cheaper alternative to Ritek G04 but I held off and after reading the mixed results in recent months I am glad that I did.