Prodisc or Ridata for CDR Inkjet printables?


I am hoping I can get some feedback about which one of these is better than the other, if that is indeed the case. I usually use TY’s but I need something more cost effective for freebies/demos.


I don’t know much about Prodisc CD-R. I have had very good results with Ritek
CD-R sold under the Maxell and Memorex brands. Good long-term stability,
no coasters, excellent quality scans.

Hehe…I’ve had good results with both Prodisc and Ritek CDRs (not under the Ridata brand though).

The Ritek were Maxell branded, the Prodisc were Datasafe (yeah I know, I know - but they’ve lasted 2 years so far!) and Verbatim.

I’ve used CMAG Verbatims that are holding up quite nicely and just got a spindle of Prodisc that I’m anxious to try out…I don’t think the CD-R world is as picky as the DVD world. :slight_smile:

Personally I’d go for the Ridatas (will be Ritek discs).

I have never problem with neither of them. But I would choose Ridata, because I have heard about detoriation of some Prodisc’s CD-R…

Ridata or Ritek? I don’t know that shop4tech carries branded riteks…

Prodisc deterioration, hmnnnn. Not good!

“Ridata” is one of Ritek’s own brands (the other serious one being “Traxdata”). Ritek is a [I]manufacturer[/I] of optical media, and has sold media under its own brand name “Ritek” in the past, but it’s not the case anymore, at least that I know of (maybe they still do in Asia). When a shop claims it’s selling “Ritek-branded” discs, you can almost be sure that these are actually OEM/unbranded Ritek discs, which quality can be very unpredictable. Don’t let them fool you. :wink:

Ridata-branded, Traxdata-branded and Maxell-branded CD-Rs will be your best buy for Ritek CD-Rs. :slight_smile:

Hehe, just thought I’d mention: those Prodisc CDRs I mentioned above aren’t kept very well either (they’re just mp3 CDRs that I pull out when I wanna listen to music on my standalone - they’re even kept in plastic wallets!).

I think YMMV with deterioration - as I said mine have no sign of problems yet, and they’re not even under a very good brand :wink:

Thanks for the clarification.

I’ve used lots of SmartBuy-branded Prodiscs and can say that some discs of the older SmartBuy series (which was before the “Fruity” series) had some problems, first of all the coloured ones, also the 90min ones. Some first (:confused: ) batches of that “Fruity” series also got some problems rather quickly (~1.5-2 years). The symptom was mostly: the CDs stopped reading at the end (>75 or so minutes). But some discs (of the old series) became unreadable entirely. By the way, Traxdata 16x CD-Rs with Prodisc’s dye I got in 2001, are also now partially unreadable. Though, 2 discs of my 50pcs Fujifilm-branded Riteks pack (bought in 2003 and written in 2003-2004) also became unreadable in about a year, while the rest seem to do fine until now (thank God).
Don’t know about nowadays Prodiscs though, as now I’m using mostly DVDs and sometimes Verbatim (CMC made in China or MCC made in India) CDs, as they are widely spread and not much more expensive than those Smartbuy discs.

I have some Ritek Printables (Maxell CDR) and they burn well, as do my Fuji Riteks. Although ive never printed on them, Ive heard the Riteks have one of the best printable surfaces on CDR, and they do seem a good paper surface.