Prodisc media dye

is there a difference in the dye

Prodisc Pioneer certified 4x DVD-R Matte Finish in cake box


Prodisc 4X DVD-R White Thermal Printable No Stack Rings on Spindle

from the picture it at supermediastore seems like the DVD01X0140 has darker dye ?

And is there any other disc that have a dark dye much like the ritek G04 ?

i love Riteks but i’am looking for alternative for those not so important burns but i dont want to lose the quality i get from ritek or at least not that much of it …

i have a Liteon sohw 812s (patched)


You shoud be OK with the Prodisc 4x -R’s in either finish IMHO - just be sure to buy from direct importers like or to insure that you are getting “A” grade media-