Prodisc inkjet printable tops disintegrate



I purchased a box of 8x dvd-r inkjet printables and the printable surface erupted in my writers. Since I run multiple burners you can imagine how I feel knowing that 3 dvr 108’s are now unusable. offered to replace the bad media but told me they could do nothing about the useless burners. although I have insurance on the burners, it doesn’t cover damage due to faulty media. Be leary of supermediastore.


You should blame prodisc for making crappy media, not the store you purchase them from.


What do you mean by erupted? Was it due to heat? Can you post photos?

What was the media code and was it the white or silver printable surface?

This is pretty disturbing to me as I use lots of inkjet printable DVDR media. :sad:


The Prodisc media are very reliable. I have had no problems until now.


Thanks for the info. Do you have any photos of the exploded ones? And were they white or silver?


What I meant was the printable surface came of completely in my burners which I run simultaneously.