Prodisc has developed a disc that can hold 4.9GB of data



I just posted the article Prodisc has developed a disc that can hold 4.9GB of data.

PCWorld reports that Prodisc has developed a 4.9GB DVD-R disc, earlier
also BeAll announced that it had developed a disc with extra capacity.
Unfortunately the technology means that the disc is…

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Whats the point? The difference is tiny, if people want more space on a DVD they will use DVD+DL. If people need to compress a movie from DVD-9 it isnt going to make any quality difference if it is 4.37gb or 4.9gb. Ben :slight_smile:


They’ll just add to the confusion with more DVD media. My hope is that DL media is the future. That is, if the prices ever go down.


The difference is 4%. And this may be sufficient for having not to recode in mpeg1 or keep an extra sound track. If sold under a buck and playable on my standalones, I’ll probably get a few. P.S. Prodisk sems to be crappy in quality. Cheers


less compatibility is obviously not something that’s desired (especially since only working with a handful of drives), so I predict a very quick death for these discs. At best, it will be picked up by a few curious people, or by mistake, but very few that know what they’re for and who could actually need the extra space.


I use Prodiscs and have had no problems. On topic. I don’t see the point. Difference is too small to make a different IMO.


It’s 4.7GB vs. 4.9GB, not 4.3GB vs. 4.9GB. 200MB difference.