Prodisc exits recordable media business

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The fourth largest manufacturer of recordable media in the world, Prodisc, announced today that it has made a request to a local Taiwanese court for emergency measures to temporarily prevent its…

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While I’m not a huge Prodisc fan, I see this as bad news. The less competition and variety of recordable media there are, the worse off consumers are.

I think it’s great news. Prodisc has been thumbing it’s nose at Philips for years. Cheap media? yes: Because they have not been paying royalities on CD-R media. Good for the consumer? Yes because now perhaps some profit can be made. If you have not noticed Ritek and CMC (and Prodisc) having been losing money for years. This does not lead to better products. All three have been trying to put each other out of business in a price war that has been the demise of many other manufacturers.

Well, it just goes to show that, It’s not only BD that requires royalties.:bigsmile:

As for Prodisc. If they go down then it has to be bad for consumers IMO. Less choice and less competition.

Less competition drives prices up. I can’t see how that would be good for the consumer. As for quality, you have a choise of good quality dosks like TY, MKM etc and questionable quality like Moseb Bauer and CMC. That won’t change, only the prices will.

Well, Unfortunately, Prodisc is one of the cheap-yet-good quality DVD Suppliers, Mainly PRODISC R04 and R05, which’ve proven to be quite cheap with really great scans, i wouldn’t have felt any sympathy if it was Ritek or PRINCO who’s gone out of business, but not Prodisc :(…
well… i think we have to say goodbye to SmartBuy :frowning:

And what about Philips!? all their branded media (the ones i’ve tested at least) were some of the lower grade CMC dyes!! Oh cmon!!!

R.I.P. Prodisc:sad:

Philips is all Research & Development now, they don’t actually produce mass quantities of recordable media themselves any more. They just collect their royalties. :cop:

i wish it would be some crap quality media manufacturer… rip

This won’t affect prices because there is still a large number of manufacturers out there. If this had left just 2 or 3 manufacturers then it would affect prices. Could have been worse had it been Taiyo Yuden or Verbatim.
As for princo, do they still even exist? Last time i heard they hadn’t progressed beyond 8x :clap:

What a bummer. Prodisc made the nicest stuff, good quality CDs including several ranges that were very aesthetically pleasing - full face printable top black polycarbonate CDs, coloured bottoms discs etc.

I just grabbed a few of the Prodisc goodies from SVP to hoard.

R.I.P. Prodisc :sad:

But it could have been worse, as said below, it could have been Taiyo Yuden or Mitsubishi Chemical Corp.

This report was incorrect. Here is the update article:

The end is near. :frowning:

[B]Prodisc request dismissed[/B]

Friday, 28 August 2009
A report in Asian IT online publication Digitimes states that Taiwan-based optical disc maker Prodisc Technology’s request for corporate restructuring has been dismissed by a district court in Taipei.

Prodisc claimed that the move was blocked because of objection from Royal Philips Electronics, which has been in a CD-R patent dispute with the Taiwan company.

Apparently Philips expressed its objection during a court session, questioning the feasibility of restructuring and objected to the request in its capacity as a creditor.

Oh man. :sad:

Well, Prodisc was great while it lasted.

Well, that sucks, Prodisc was to me, almost the same as TY! RIP