Prodisc DW04 x2 DVD-RW; horrid results -- what's your experience?



I’m just starting to use my ND-3520A, and this is my first try of DVD-RW media. It’s a Prodisc DW04 x2 DVD-RW (branded Memory Media, and strangely labeled x4). While it is readable, I’m uncomfortable using it because the results are extremely bad (see below). I found on the forums a scan of similar media on a non-NEC drive which was much better. Perhaps the NEC doesn’t support it correctly?

Is RW media expected to have more errors than R? If to extrapolate from CD media, my CD-RW scans usually showed that yes, most of the discs were worse than CD-R, and some almost comparably as bad as this DVD-RW disc.

Please share your thoughts, and your experiences with DVD±RW media, this and others.

NOTE: Scans at x5 reading and x8. (Couldn’t figure out how to inline the images, sorry).



While you cannot really scan with an NEC and get comparable results, I would avoid Prodisc based on very poor quality with other media codes. I have used Ritek +R 4X which is RICOHJPNW11, much better quality than normal crap Ritek. Newegg as well as Amazon has them. My scans, on Liteons, are nearly as good as those I get with good -/+ burns.


Perhaps a good CD manufacturer doesn’t necessarily translate to a good DVD manufacturer. Prodisc used to be my favorite CD-R mfg (Nashua brand) after I couldn’t find TY anymore (TDKs all became extra cheap Riteks).

Alas, I live in Israel.

And you mean good R burns, right? :slight_smile:



-/+ are two types of R discs, so yes, that is what I mean.