Prodisc DVD+R DL showing up in Japan

Prodisc DVD+R DL is now available in Japan under the SmartBuy brand. Price is ~680 Yen according to Confirmed to be Prodisc here.

Are there any writers that have added support for the PRODISC D01 code to firmware yet? I can’t remember I’ve seen any. Hopefully the quality is better than Riteks DL media.

the most important thing , how much it cost ?
if possible in € :stuck_out_tongue:

680 Yen is about €5 according to

thxs :slight_smile:

Impress Akiba Hotline price information

640*480 images are:

Personally, I have bought Mitsubishi MCC 2.4x DVD+R DL in jewel case for 30 to 40% less than that since the release SOHW-832S. Guess what DL media prices will be in 2005.

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Is that 4x on DVR-108?

I hope mass production will soon bring PRODISCD01 price under US$3. The 680 Yen price must be that high because of small quantity and jewel case packaging.

YSS tried out the new Prodisc DL media, and it’s UGLY.

Many of the drives didn’t recognize the media at all, a few tried burning but had errors. The Toshiba TS-H552A was the only one that could burn it, but the PIE/PIF levels weren’t too great when he scanned the burn.

Thanks for the update. I should have said under US$0.3 instead of under US$3.