Prodisc continues optical disc business



I just posted the article Prodisc continues optical disc business.

Prodisc has announced that they will continue to produce and sell optical media, contrary to earlier reports, which stated that Prodisc would be exiting the market due to financial…

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it wouldn’t have been a big loss if they had stopped producing their “very high” quality stuff :LOL:.


Dunno H3rB3i… but it was a really bad news for me when i heard they’re going to stop production, well, yeah. they’re not THE best around, but if someone is getting out of the competetion, then let it be the worst!!! not one of the good ones!!!

Yepp… quite relieved now :)!!


Prodisc CDRs may not be the greatest, but their DVDRs are pretty darn good in my expereince – in the same ball park as the top brands quality-wise. I think I have only ever gotten one bad batch of Prodisc. I’ve gotten more bad batches of TY’s – although from what I hear that is because fraudsters are swapping TY’s Value Line (QA reject) discs with their Premium discs – repackaging them and selling them as Premiums. Buyer beware. Hang in there ProDisc, the market is looking up for manufacturers – not so great for the rest of us.