Prodisc certified by pioneer



Hello. I am using a Pioneer DVR-109 with TY’s and Verbatim with, of course, no problems. I was wondering about this Prodisc media certified by Pioneer. (Media codes for 8X in +R and -R: MCC 02RG20; ProdiscF01; PRODISC.R03) Does anyone have any history using this media???


I have ProdiscF01 rebadged as Memorex DVD-R 8X.
Quality scans on my drives are OK (low 80’s) vs high 90s for TY and MCC.

In my opinion, I would use Prodisc if it were cheap and my backup wasn’t critical. For example, I would backup a movie I owned, keep the original somewhere else and let the kids tear up the copy.

The purchase price of my Prodisc01 was 19.99 for 50, which is the same price I can get Fuji rebadged TY for. Needless to say, I won’t be buying more Prodisc.
When I originally bought them I didn’t know better.


Thanks for the info… I’m gonna stick with TY’s and Verbatim then…



Smart move with the Taiyo Yuden and Verbatim-

I had the Prodisc F01’s and threw about fifteen coasters in a row - finally threw it away as it was such a pain in the a$$ and taking my time-



Very mixed results with prodiscf01’s. I’ve burned about 50 of them. Had about 8 that were total crap. Had 2 or 3 that would play in one player, but not in another. Personally I wouldn’t trust them. I’ll never use them again.