Prodisc 8X imprintable inside diameter?

My apologies for the cross post.

Have Prodisc 8X DVD-R blanks that are imprintable and need to know what the inside diameter is in mm. The outside is 120, and the inside is 43mm on normal imprintables, but what is the inside diameter.

quote from supermediastore:
“Ideal Printable surface with no stacking ring, allows you to print all the way to the hub”

I have Epson R200 with software that can change the custom sizing, but doesnt have inside diameter. Anyone know?



Yes, I too would like to know. I just received some silver printables that probably are the same and I did one with my R200 but it left that ring on the center and I would like to know what the measurement is as well.


What’s the problem? Lose the instructions to your ruler?

Measure it…I usually round-down (for the inside, up for the outside), so it doesn’t leave a white/silver ring of unprinted space. You can adjust it as needed on your next print.

NOTE: If it does print a little on the plastic…give it plenty of dry time before you play it.

for hub printables i take the smallest size (can’t recall actual measurement since i’m not at home) diameter setting and add 2mm. after printing i let the dvd dry for a day and then take a q-tip to the very center unprintable plastic to wipe off any ink that may of printed on it. works well for me.

Printable area on Prodisc inkjet disc from Supermediastore are, 118mm outside Dia., 23mm small inside Dia…
Measured with digital calipers.