Prodisc 8X DVD+R Printable, Anyone tried these

I have a BenQ 1620 that I get excellent results using Prodisc R03 8x DVD+R @ 12X. I need to buy some printable DVD’s and the Prodisc are half the cost of TY’s. I get the same quality scores using TY, MCC003, and Prodisc R03… but I remember seeing some remarks about the poor quality of the printable Prodiscs (just can’t find the thread).
Has anyone had any good/bad experiences with this media.

There were a ton of bad luck posts over at a few months ago concerning this media both in the US and Canada. One user had the white layering explode in his drive. Many others had problems with coasters. I have read nothing recently, maybe because it was so bad that everyone is now avoiding them. It is hard to say, as they can use any of 4 media codes and you never know what you will get. I would say buyer beware.

I thought the posts on videohelp were regarding the Prodisc 8x DVD-R discs, not the DVD+R.

I use to live by the the printable Prodisc R03 but after awhile the quality seemed to change. I had to give them up. I’ve also noticed other printable media that have some issues compared to their non printable brothers. I’m wondering if something during the process of making them printable is fouling them up. I’ve had a few that seem to have some type of overspray like specs on the write surface.

As I recall you are right. I think the Canadian guy was using +R but it could be -R. Things were so bad I just vetoed any Prodisc, and I used to swear by their S03. Now as I get to the end of my supply I am starting to find bad discs. I had three in ten where the burn failed due to bad media. I have never seen this in any other media in 500-600 burns.

I know that printable media is hard to find but as far as I am concerned Prodisc is permanently on my “Do Not Buy” list.

it seems like if you want printable +R media, it is either the overly expensive TY, or variable quality like Ritek, Optodisc, etc which I feel hesitant to send out to clients. It just hurts to pay twice as much for TY… I know, you get what you pay for.

I purchased prodisc 8x to use with my pioneer 109 from but they had different ones I picked the one below because they had the azo dye and from what I could find out they are better. They sure work for me. I had been buying the matrix 4x to burn with my old lg burner but there quality was not that great. I would say stay make sure the site says they have the azo dye it is worth the extra few pennies.
DVD-R 8X 4.7GB Silver Inkjet Printable (No Stacking Ring Hub Printable) by Prodisc
Authentic Prodisc products - now officially certified by the Pioneer Industry Standards Class-A Lab. Prodisc uses an advanced metallic AZO blue dye, which provides excellent compatibility and improved storage lifetime. Blank non imprinted, blank silver top surface. These discs have passed 100 factory and product tests and inspections and have proven to be qualified for the highest V2.0 for General Purpose DVD-R standards. Discs feature a blank top silver surface, with a purple bottom dye. Write Speed - 8x to 1x according to software and drive settings and firmware. Capacity - 4.7gb total (4.37gb formatted), 120 minutes total runtime for video.

Anybody tried the 16X DVD+R Printable Prodisc?
I’ve never had any quality issues with Prodisc (must be lucky), so I don’t have any reason to not continue to purchase them.

Good question.

looks like I’ll take one for the team and order some 16X to try out.

Good let us know how it turn out had 16x prodisc but they did not say they had the azo dye like some of there 8x did

Let us know your experience with these discs and please post some results if possible. :slight_smile:

I should get them here in a few days. I’ll post some quality scans.

Got the DVD’s today. The print surface looks very good.
I bought these with the intent to never burn at over 12X.
All scans are for Prodisc 16X DVD+R InkJet Printable (R04 MID) and burned with BenQ DW1620 w/DVD Decrypter.

Burned @12x with Stock B7U9

Burned @16X with Stock B7U9

Burned @12X with R04 switched to MCC004 write Strategy

Burned @16X with R04 switched to MCC004 write Strategy

Nice results! I think you could stick with the original strategy. :slight_smile:
(of course the 12x burn with original strat seems to look the best quality).

How about one more with YudenT03 strat?

Actually some of the lowest quality scores I’ve ever gotten from my BenQ. Just need to decide if TY is worth the extra $.25 a disc. I don’t need the best quality for this project. I’m curious as to why WOPC kicks in so much. My other burns are always a nice steady increase with hardly any WOPC.

R04 strat replaced with TY03 @12X

transfer rate looks fine.
I might keep that write start. for these discs. The reason I chose MCC004 originally was I thought maybe since Prodisc makes MCC004 media, I might get a better result using MCC004 start.

Voila !

same batch of discs two years later