Procter & Gamble not in league with Satan, court rules

"WASHINGTON (AFP) - Procter and Gamble Co. does not worship Satan, according to a US court ruling that revolves around a decades-old urban myth targeting the world’s biggest consumer goods company.

P&G said late Monday it had won 19.25 million dollars in a civil suit brought against four former distributors of direct-selling company Amway who were accused of spreading false rumors.

Last Friday’s jury award in Salt Lake City represents the latest in a long line of court battles between P&G and Amway over the devil-worshipping claim, which has taken on new currency in the Internet era.

According to the false urban legend, the global company’s logo contains a “666” symbol, its bosses have appeared on television talk shows to declare their love of Beelzebub, and part of its profits go to the Church of Satan."

You would think the courts could find more important cases to rule on.

What a barge load of hooey. Here’s a simple way to actually know the truth.

Q: Are the a large multi-national corporation?
A: Yes, therefore they are in league with Satan.

Simple. What large multi-national isn’t inherently evil?

Yeah, like the courts wouldn’t be filled with a bunch of Satan worshipers also? Look at what’s happening in the world and tell me that the Judicial System isn’t the most corrupt part of the government.

AMWAY (secret slogan)!
If we tell our zealots …err … worshippers … err … cultists … err … customers that every OTHER organisation on earth worships the devil, perhaps they won’t notice the horns on our own leader.

I’ve lost 2 friends to AMWAY … haven’t talked to them in over 5 years … and neither has anyone else.
The Amway organisation is the incarnation of the anti-christ. They make the men attend meetings to discuss their progress, instilling them with false hope of promotion and grandeur. At the same time, the group leaders wife gossips (with the followers wives/partners) about the followers hubbies, to give information to her hubby about people which may be disallusioned with the whole B$ scheme, and may be considering leaving. The leader can then thwart the escape attempt.

Socially, being a Mormon, Jehovahs Witness, or other hardcore Bible Basher is more acceptable. At least the religions aren’t trying to wheedle money out of you, and they’re not incredibly controlling or dominating.