Procom CD Duplicator Tower not writing



I am new to CD/DVD Duplicators, and am not sure whats wrong with this, Procom CDT7-4X duplicator tower. It has 7 Plextor PX-4XCS CD-ROMs in it. It’s a donation to a computer club, which has asked me to fix up for them, but neither I nor they know how to use it or if its not working properly. No software came with it or any manuals. I’ve tried to get them from Procoms website ( unsuccessfully, there support site is down, and has been. :sad:

It hooked up alright to a computer, and it recognizes all the drives in windows explorer. I can read cds put into it and can install software from any of them but I can not burn anything to them.

1.) One problem is when I try to put a blank cd in to any of them, it just pops back out after a few seconds. (I’ve tried 3 different brands of CD-Rs).

2.) It only shows one CDRW-ROM drive to copy to in Nero 6.6 for the destination, so how do I do multipule copies with it at one time? I thought I read in the threads here that someone was using Nero with his duplicator, is it that I’m using the wrong version, or is there special software for duplicators? :confused:
Any help is appreciated, and thanks in advance. :slight_smile:


What’s the model #? This is a tower duplicator, not a robotic one, yes?

Does it have an LCD display? Does it have a keypad?

Can you find a picture of the unit, or a very similar one, say on using creative searches, and post a link to it?



Model # CDT7-4X. Not a robotic. No LCD. No keypad.

For pictures look at this link (this is not mine, but the pictures are exactly like mine)
Thanks again.


Ah, I believe that’s not a CD Duplicator, but instead, a CD Server. That is, it makes the contents of CDs available on the network.



Thanks, bhoar I believe you are right. :slight_smile:


hello i have the same unit cdt7-6x-p if i take out the cd rom drives and replace them with dvd-rw drives and connect this device and chose to burn to the drive it sees will it burn to all the drives? or is the controller in this unit just not capable of doing this at all?


Nope, you cannot simple replace cd with dvd burners!