i am planning to buy this processor, or at least anohther dual core but hav heard that AMD is planning to release a new processor to rival this one’s capabilities, basically what i am asking is it worth waiting for the AMD and if so is the equivalent going to be roughly the same price.

I would go for the Core 2 Duo. :slight_smile:

I’d wait and see what AMD comes up with and then make a decision. AMDs 65nm chip [I]should[/I] have a beter upgrade path since it is on a new socket, I’ve read that Kentsfield ( :bow: Core 2 Quadro :bow: ) is likely to be the last cpu on LGA775 before Intel makes a new socket

does any one know when the new amd is due out

According to sources inside AMD, 65nm processors will roll out of the factory in Dresden next month

Yes it is well worth waiting for the new AMD! when it’s out the AMD 65nm processors will make the Kentsfield Core 2 Quadro look second rate. :slight_smile:

Waiting is no fun. Buy Core 2 Duo now, and enjoy the fact that you have the better performing rig. :slight_smile:

By when Intel will have moved to 45nm?

AMD said earlier this year that Fab 36 remains on track to begin 65nm production shipments in the second-half of this year, and be [B]substantially converted to 65nm production by mid-2007[/B].

Hmmm buy a C2D now and yet again be screwed over when Intel moves to a new socket or wait a month for 65nm chips… Hmmm I have always been a AMD-guy…

Go with Core 2 Duo, it’s way better than what AMD has to offer atm

Clovertown’s already available at least as ES chips!

Though not yet made out of 45nm processes. (Going to require up to 4x power compared to Conroe at the same clock.) :frowning:

But it’s gonna be about 6 times faster than E6300 when encoding 1920*1080 MPEG-2 to WMV.